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Welcome to our Family!

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Hello our Family name is Gwilliam and we live at Edmonton Village in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We have an unusual last name, which many people struggle with when saying or spelling. But the name is correct and actually comes from Welsh origin.

We have one daughter, Alise, who just recently moved back to Utah. She lives in a home converted into apartments with six other LDS girls. She plans to work towards a degree in Cosmetology. She has one semesters left to complete the degree. She has attending Salt Lake Community College. Utah requires barbering as part of their program to be licensed in the state of Utah. Currently she works with handicapped adults in their group homes.

We have Lorna who is the head of the household and tells us all what to do and when to do it. She works at Brock Cabinets here in Fayetteville. She works as a sales person selling cabinets. All of her customers are located in Wilmington, NC or Myrtle Beach, SC. If you noticed her customers are located on the beach. Go figure.

Chad and Becky live in Spanish Fork, Utah. They have been married a little over two years.

Chad and Becky had a new recent addition to their family back in April of 2004. His name is Cole B Gwilliam.

Here is a couple of updated pictures of Cole. These were taken at Thanksgiving time while visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Fayetteville, North Carolina


And then there is me.......... Chuck....................... Sorry but the camera broke



Lorna's Family:     (Here are some pictures of Lorna's Family)

This picture is a re-creation of a picture taken of Lorna, her brother and sisters and cousins of hers she grew up with. The first picture was taken 30 years ago when they were children.

Here is a picture of Lorna's parents Gail and Dick. They live in South Jordan, Utah

And here is a picture of Jeana and her husband Ben. Jeana is Lorna's oldest sister. Ben and Jeana live in South Jordan, Utah.

Allen is her only brother. He lives in West Jordan, Utah.

And last but not least her youngest sister is Sandra. She and her husband, Chris live in Riverton, Utah.

Chuck's Family:

And here is a couple of pictures of Chuck's family. These were taken at the annual Gwilliam Family Reunion in July 2004

Trudy and Dean's Family from Santa Clara, Utah

Scott and Heather's abbreviated family plus Mom. They are from Benn ion, Utah

This is Matt and Lori and their clan from Allentown, Pennsylvania

And last but not least is my favorite sister Jenny and her husband Ross and their kids. They are from Columbus, Ohio soon to be headed back to Utah

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