June 19th, 2005



Dear Family,


How is life treating you?  We are doing well.  We have been very busy since we wrote our last newsletter.  It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re having fun J.  Here’s the scoop from our little part of the world.


Bradley:  has a new favorite pastime of building puzzles (sound familiar Grammy?)  Dora and Scooby Doo are his favorites.  At just about any point of the day you can find Bradley sitting in the middle of the floor ready to build a puzzle or play with his legos.  Bradley is our little talker – always telling your something about someone . . . I’ll tell you what, he can wear my ears out at times.  On the other hand, he is so entertaining and overly dramatic when he talks that it can be very amusing J.  Bradley’s my shadow, side kick and Walmart Buddy – it works out well.


Sarah:  has been very busy the past few months.  In April she started soccer – and really enjoyed playing.  It would have helped if the weather hadn’t been so wet and dreary.  I think during the entire season they only had 2 or 3 weekly practices.  Mother Nature must have had a real issue with Thursdays – there was always rain.  We signed Sarah up again to play this Fall.  We’re trying a different league – and hopefully it will be a little better organized.  We’re hoping to spend some time with kids in the backyard to help teach them some more of the basics of soccer.  Sarah got the general idea of it – but the positions of the players on the field and their purpose – were kind of hard for her to understand.  For Sarah’s birthday she got a guinea pig – and with that came an even bigger surprise of ringworm.  This is why we love pets – for the wonderful little diseases that come with them.  To make a long story short – we gave guinea pig #1 back, and opted for guinea pigs #2 and #3 – because yes, we are gluttons for punishment.  Sarah is still taking the antifungal medication – but luckily she is getting better and we have the ringworm under control.  Last month Sarah also battled a case of cellulitus in her arm.  They think it started through a bug bite that she got.  They had to put her on massive doses of Antibiotics to keep it under control.  It was a rough week or two for Sarah – we’re hoping she has better luck during the summer

Nathan:  also just finished his soccer season – and really enjoyed it.  I think his favorite position to play as defender.  He is good at anticipating what move the player on offense is going to take.  It was a great season, and he is looking forward to playing this Fall.  Last Friday Ross got to go to school with Nate for a Father’s day activity.  I guess they played ‘bombers’ which is similar to playing dodge ball – and Ross got to stay for a delicious school lunch.  Ross’ favorite part was the boondoogle that Nathan had made for his keychain – boys love that type of stuff.  The younger kids are in school until July 1st – so Nate has been plugging away with homework, etc. – and keeping pretty busy.  Nate earned his Wolf badge a couple months ago – as well as one gold and two silver arrow points.  He is now working on getting his Bear.  It has been fun being able to work with Nate in the cub scout program.  Nathan’s hobby right now is origami.  His Aunt Julie gave him a calendar cube with an origami a day – and he has absolutely enjoyed folding the papers each day and making some pretty cool ‘stuff’ J.


Nicole:  is counting the days until she is out of Elementary School (again).  I think she has been pretty bored this year – so it will be good to get her into middle school next year and load her up with a bunch of homework.  During May, Nicole graduated from the D.A.R.E. program and at the end of that month she got to go Lagoon on ‘D.A.R.E.’ day.  She had a great time and was able to spend some serious time hanging with her friends.  Nicole and Ali started swim team last week.  There are a handful of people in our neighborhood who have swimming pools, and one of them teaches swim lessons and has an annual swim team for older kids.  Ali and Nicole have enjoyed being part of it, and hopefully their strokes are improving and they’re becoming better swimmers.  I think they have a competition at the end of the season.  Ali & Nicole get to go to YW’s camp together this year – they are really excited about that.  They are going to be gone July 5th – 8th.  Just in time for us to get to St. George in time for Drew and Jennie’s Open House. Nicole also started voice lessons and enjoyed it very much. She says her teacher is nice and has a fun time.


Ali: is officially done with school – and she spent the first week of her summer staying up really late, and then sleeping in really late the next morning.  Does she sound like a teenager – or what?  This week is a different story – a little bit more structured.  About three months ago Ali started taking private viola lessons from a lady in South Jordan.  Now that school is out, Ali has to practice two hours each day.  Plus she still has her piano practicing to do as well, so her mornings are pretty packed.  Ali has done really well on the viola, and we’re hoping to get her into a community orchestra or other group that gives her more chances to perform and get even better.  Ali is looking forward to girl’s camp as well as some other type of camp that she gets to attend during the third week of July.  I really don’t know that much about it – but Ali’s just thrilled that she gets to go .  Ali spends most of her time e-mailing her friends  - everytime I turn around she’s sitting at the computer – which from what I hear, is pretty typical for that age group.  At our house I have to fight for computer time – I’m sure some of you know the feeling J


Jennie:  I have been a busy little bee since our last letter.  On Memorial Day weekend I ran in a 5K at The Homestead in Midway Utah – my goal was to finish the race.  I was pleasantly surprised when I cut five minutes off of my training time.  Two weeks later I ran in the ‘Heart of Holladay’ race.  My goal is to run in one race a month – at least through the summer months, and possibly through the Fall.  I’ve really enjoyed it – it’s therapeutic for me.  This past weekend Ross and I got away on an overnighter – and were able to spend some time together.  On Friday we went to the Temple, then down to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for a tour, and to see ‘The Testaments’.  We had never been there – so it was a great experience.  Then on Saturday we climbed Mount Olympus.  Wow – what  a hike!  It was a little bit harder than we had anticipated – but it was worth it!  We’ll include some pictures of our adventure.  Other than that, I’m keeping busy with Cub Scouts, and running the household.  This year round stuff has been kind of weird.  I’ll be glad to go back to a traditional school year.


Ross:  is all about working.  He spends a great portion of his day down in the hole of our basement – otherwise  known as his office.  He has frozen to death down there in the winter months, but I have a feeling that it is going to pay off during the hot summer months.  The side company that Ross started (Carson Marketing Group) has done really well.  He’s enjoying his ‘real’ job as well, but he has been pleasantly surprised by how busy he has been with Carson.  It’s all about connections and knowing people – and luckily Ross has a really good reputation and people trust him, so it has really paid off.  Ross has been keeping busy as well in our yard – we’re still trying to figure out the irrigation water system, and we hope to eventually have sprinklers put in.  There’s a lot of lawn out there to be moving hoses every hour or so.  It probably won’t happen this year – but someday we’ll hopefully get to it.  Ross is enjoying his calling in Young Men’s – and he also helps me out with cubs from time to time.  What a good guy J.


Well, we hope that you all have a fun and safe summer!




The Baum Shelter