July 9, 2007


Dear Family---


††††††††† We are hot.St. George broke a new high record last week.Our previous high record was 117, and last week one day, we hit 118.Thatís warm.Thatís really warm when your AC isnít working and you are using a swamp cooler.Hopefully, it will be fixed today.

††††††††† This summer has been as busy as expected.The kids and Dean are all going 100 different directions.Dean started a job in Hatch (near Bryce Canyon) that he will go to for a few days and then come home in between.He has a job in San Diego in August and another job up by Yellowstone.

††††††††† Katie had Summer Games and their team took Bronze.They really were the Gold Medal team, but in soccer the refs have too much power and can change the game significantly with their calls.She has Exec Camp next week at SUU for three days and then Yearbook Camp the end of July in Park City and then she is going to be playing and trying out for soccer until their first games the first of August.School starts down here August 15th.Since Katie is a student body officer, sheíll be swamped just before school starts and shortly thereafter.

††††††††† Brook has completed driverís ed bookwork and now just has to get her hours in before she drives with an instructor.She has the quietest summer.She didnít even go to EFY this summer.We booked them too late, and her friend had conflicts and we ended up not getting a spot.Too bad.She has been playing the piano a lot this summer and get really good.

††††††††† Brady went to EFY the last week in June and then came back and started in on baseball for all-stars.He missed the first week of practice because of EFY, but that worked out okay.He loved EFY and he got to fly home on Taylor Holtís uncleís plane from Flagstaff.I went down his mom and Uncle and it was pretty cool to be 3 Ĺ hours down and back to Flagstaff from St. George.Bradyís team won their game in all-stars.They came back from 8-1 and beat Cedar American, which is their stiffest competition in this tournament.We had our last ups and we were down by 2 and Reggie hit and got on first with an error, Brady was up to bat next and took one ball and they walked him because he had been hitting great in the game and they didnít want him to hit again.(Having the other team walk you automatically is a huge compliment; it means they are scared of you.)Anyway, Brady was the winning run across the plate.It was great.If they win, they go on to Beaverton, Oregon the first week in August.Besides all-stars, Brady is doing football camps until school starts.

††††††††† Erin had her baby on June 26th.It was a boy.His name is Shiloh Max.He was 8 lbs 3 oz and 19Ē long.You can go to her webpage and see him if you want.It is:http://losdixon.blogspot.com/Everybody is doing fine.

††††††††† Kyle and Sheree came home from Hawaii to find their house flooded.They didnít get back in for three weeks, so that was a tough return home.It did make them grateful for their own home.They stayed at Shereeís mom and dadís house.Her parents were up in Pine Valley most weekends and some of the days during the week, so that helped.

††††††††† Drew was accepted into the Business Management program at the U of U.He graduated with his associates from SLCC and starts at the U this fall.Heís excited to be finally moving into his field and to have those generals over with.Drew is working full-time this summer and his work will pay for school.Jennie is still working full-time and going to school one night a week at Utah State satellite in Psychology/School Counselor.We hope to get us all together one more time this summer and go camping with all the kids.

††††††††† Me (Trudy), Iím quilting and sewing and going to kidsí ballgames.I do my best to have anybody else run errands and I stay home and do my projects.

††††††††† Hope all is well with everyone.Have a great remainder of the summer.Hopefully, weíll see everybody the first of August at Tylerís reception, if we arenít in Beaverton, Oregon.


Love, Trudy Berryessa