May 3, 2006


Dear Family---


††††††††† Itís May and school is out soon, and Iím still having a hard time believing it is 2006.The older you get the faster time flies.I guess itís time for our family to bring you up to date with us.I promise within the next week Iíll have an agenda out for the family reunion.Thank you everybody for getting me your money and your credit card numbers.Iím excited about spending time together.Iím tired already from looking forward to our schedule for this summer.

††††††††† Dean is working a lot still.He is still doing the hotel and that youth facility when he isnít doing his normal stuff.He is also doing another elementary school.He is playing more tennis than he did for awhile, so good for him.He is still doing scout master and figuring it is probably time for the younger generation to be taking these boys on campouts and doing merit badges.He figures heíll stay at least until Brady turns 14 next year and then give some younger more energetic man the opportunity.The scouts are going down the Green River in canoes the week before the reunion.Drew did that with Dean 11 years ago and the kids still talk about it.It was truly one of the most fun scouting adventures the boy ever did.

††††††††† I (Trudy) have enjoyed have the semester off.I have done a ton of quilting and gearing up for my last semester in school this summer.I havenít taken any night classes since last summer, so the adjustment might be substantial.I have to take Behavioral Analysis (the one I dropped last summer because of Bradyís playoffs in San Bernardino) and Iím taking a ceramics class at Dixie for electives.That will be it.Iíll be an official college graduate with a major in Psychology and a minor in Family and Human Development.Iím still Primary President.It has been 2 Ĺ years, and that is a long time and I start thinking I need to move on, until someone in Relief Society says they want us to be released because they want a couple of us from the Presidency in Relief Society and then I am truly grateful Iím in Primary.Just keep me away from those old ladies, I want the little kids, we have more in common.

††††††††† Kyle, Sheree, Konner, and Taylor Marie are doing great.They just inherited the motor home.We have talked about selling it for years.I have, Dean and the kids wanted to keep it, but it didnít seem financially wise to insure it for one trip a summer, so it has sat.It wasnít running very well and Kyle and Sheree wanted it bad and said that her dad would fix it up because he is an auto mechanic.Heís retired and wanted something to do anyway.I guess it is running like a charm and Konner and Taylor Marie love to watch videos and play in it.Sheree is working part-time at nights at a hotel at the front desk to get out of the house for a bit.

††††††††† Erin and LeRand (Dixon) are getting married on May 20th, which is also the day that Dean and I got married.Several of us went to Erinís shower last Saturday and it was good.Iím glad it is over though.Erin is working just a little bit and finishing school up this summer.They are going to live in Provo.LeRand is going to start at BYU.He is currently selling insurance for State Farm (I think that is the company?)

††††††††† Drew and Jennie are making some minor changes.Drew is going to go sell alarm systems in Denver, Colorado for the summer.His work gave him the time off, and the bosses daughter is home from school and going to work in his place and then heíll get his spot back come the end of summer.Apparently, you can make a lot of money at this alarm selling business.Jennie is still in Davis County, but has applied at Draper City for the same job and wants to get it because her supervisor is hard to deal with in Davis County.I think Jennie will move in with her sister for the summer.Drew will live with a bunch of guys while in Denver.They house you while you work for them.

††††††††† Alix is doing well.She is still at Albertsonís and going to school.She just got a promotion at work.She was going to move home, but just found an apartment for her and lives alone.She plays on a girlís softball team and soccer team and enjoys them both.

††††††††† Katie is closing in on the final month of her sophomore year in high school.She was elected to the Junior Class office of Publicity.She was excited.She still sees double.She goes to the doctor next week and if things are better, and they seemed to stabilize three months ago, sheíll need to see a specialist at Primary Childrenís Hospital.That means more surgery.She has her learnerís permit and should be doing her driving with the teacher soon.She is playing on a soccer tournament team, but couldnít play softball.She played softball in gym and said she could have done better swinging at the ball with her eyes closed as opposed to double vision.She will try out next year when her vision is back to normal.She passed the UBSCT test they have to take to graduate.You take it as a sophomore and then donít have to take it again if you pass.

††††††††† Brook is growing tall.Iím tickled because she is going to be taller than I thought.She is playing percussion still in school and has signed up for it next year.She loves percussion.Canít you just see Brook as a drummer in a rock and roll band?She is going to get contacts this Friday.She is nervous.She goes to EFY the first week in June and then girlís camp the end of July and Youth Conference the end of June and Katie has EFY the first week in July followed by a week of soccer camp in Cedar City.Brook will be at the high school next year, so that is good news that she is taller.

††††††††† Brady is playing little league baseball right now.He is on Tanner Smithís team.Tannerís dad is the coach and Dean is assistant coach.They have about six good players and the rest are really bad.Some of them donít even know the location of 2nd base.Brady pitches and catches.Heís their first pitch.He is a good pitcher.He has that Green River Canoe trip and he will be playing in the Summer Games with his border league basketball team.He moves up to the middle school next year.Thatís a crazy thing.

††††††††† I guess that is probably enough information to digest.As kids get married, you have more and more to write about.Weíll be glad to see and visit with everybody at the family reunion in July.


Love, tb