July 3rd, 2005




I was sitting talking to Scott, Heather, and Lauren when I realized I hadnít written the newsletter.I really have a lot of news but I wonít have time to write it all (of course that is a joke).


I am doing good and being really lazy.I donít know where all of my ambition went.Maybe it never was there.


Bill called last week and told me that he wasnít doing too well.He had a stroke in the temple and two minor ones since.He was trying to do two or three sessions a week.But he feels so rotten that I donít think he will try to go back.Trissa told Rhea that they arenít sure they can leave him alone with Mary.She isnít thinking too clearly and they are not sure that she is responsible enough.


Drew decided that he would rather live with Jennie than me.I think that he made the right decision.


The Relief Society President assigned me a new companion so all of you pray that she doesnít get cancer.


If any of you want to read an interesting book you should read ĎThe stranger beside meí.It is written by a woman who worked with Ted Bundy before he started his rampage.


I guess that is it for this time.


Take Care,


Mary, Mom, Grandma Sweetpea, Great Grandma Sweetpea