Dear Family,

I see that I'm next for the newsletter. As usually there isn't much new with me so this will be short..

Like any old person, all we want to do is talk about our surgerys and health problems .So here goes--- I had a cateract removed from my right eye. It made things look brighter but I can't see that it helps the vision. Then I had a new pacemaker put in because the old one was down to a little bit of battery. It was done in out patient surgery. I'm sure I told all of you about it or else I told one of you 5 times. The pacemaker forms scar tissue around it --So they make an opening in the scar tissue and take out the old one and then put the new one in . They have to connect the leads that go to the heart. They only hooked one of the leads because the other one didn't help my heart rythum.

Boy, it has been hot as heck around here. It is really quite dangerous to say that when some of you live in the south.

As usually I spend way too much time doing knitting and crocheting. Ali and Nicole have been doing work for me this summer but now they will be going to school. So I guess everyone will just have look at my housework that isn't done.

Don't pay any attention to the grammer or the mispelled words.

I hope that all are well and doing what you are supposed to.


Mom, Mary, Grandma, Grandma Sweetpea, and

Great Grandma.