December 19, 2005

Dear Family,

Jennie called me to tell me that my newsletter is due today. I guess I have forgotten how to read because it is on my calendar. And Jennie reminded me that it was their 16th wedding anniversary today. Boy, doesn't that make me feel old, "YES". I try not to look in a mirror very often. But, it doesn't change how I look.

I hope that I have told all of you that I feel so much better than I did. I had several tests and none of them showed that I was losing very much blood any where. The doctor decided to have me take iron and a vitamin supplement. I had alot of dental work that cost an arm and a leg. I really hope that I will be able to keep my teeth until I don't need them any more. The dentist told me that most people in my age group have dentures. Boy, I would really hate to have to go to that.

I got some extraction work to do for the church. I am glad to have it. I like to be able to do it for a few minutes or an hour. I was in for my tithing settlement last night and the Bishop said that our ward has given out $50,000 in aid to ward members this year.

We have a lot of divorced women with children and not getting support from the fathers. And if the mother works she is getting very low pay. We have a lot of old people besides the young. A couple of weeks ago our ward had four old people pass away. I only knew one of them because most were not able to come to church. How do you like the news that I have? Tomorrow I am going with Scott and Heather to the airport when they will pick up Tyler. It will be great to have both Tyler and Erin home!

Mary Gwilliam