Dear Family,


Well, I guess that my computer will last while I write this letter. I really think that my computer hates me. I'm sure that the problem is not me. Right?

 I think that Trudy and her family did a great job with the reunion. Everyone that I have talked to since the reunion has said that they enjoyed being basically in the same area. I appreciate everyone tending me during the reunion
I am glad that Alise was able to drive me down to Orem. Of course you know that it isn't because I am old and funny. Emily was such a good girl when Chad blessed her.

I have been saying that I would do some serious cleaning after the reunion, but since that time has come I'm not sure that I am anxious to get to it now.

I am really glad that I don't have to be out in this hot weather we have been having. I hate to even walk up to get the mail, especially if all I get is junk mail.  I heard that one mailman had dumped a lot of junk mail out of sight. One person said he would like to know who the mailman was because he wanted to give him a tip.

Thanks to Tyler and Matt for helping me learn to work the DVD player. I hope that I am not the only person in my generation who has a hard time running all of these new gadgets. Oh, Chuck got a new color whatever and put it in my printer. I am grateful for all of things that you kids and grandkids do for me.

Well my knitting is calling me, so I had better get back to it.

                        TAKE CARE EVERYONE,
                    MOM, MARY, GRANDMA SWEETPEA,
                        GREAT GRANDMA SWEETPEA.

Mary Gwilliam