June 7,2007

I decided to wait until today to write this because I had a cataract removed from my
right eye yesterday. I went to the doctor this morning and he said that everything looks

Earlier today I wasn't sure if it helps too much but now I decided that the TV screen is
a lot brighter. I haven't been where I can find out if the distance is better. Before I
noticed that the road signs weren't as clear as they should be. And I couldn't read the
song numbers at church.

It is really cold here today and just a couple of days ago it was 90 degrees. It is
raining today and we need all that we can get.
Boy, news is so scarce for me. I could make something up but I don't think any of you
would believe it.

Trudy sent a coconut from where they were vacationing. (of course I can't spell it but
you should where they were). When Jennie's kids were here the other night we tried to
break it open and boy what a challenge. Ross had to break it with a hammer. I had never
seen a coconut with that outer shell before.

Well, this late for my letter getting out and I know anything else....So I won't bore you
any longer.

I hope everyone of you are well and happy.

Mom, Mary, Grandkids,
and Great Grandkids