Hi everybody, I thought maybe the newsletter was dead in the water. And I was ready to say neener-neener. But I am glad to see that it has started again.

Of course I don't have much news, and any I have you probably you have already heard it

I did go to the doctor yesterday He said that I would probably need a new pacemaker in the summer. The battery in this one is getting low. The ones they have now are quite a bit smaller.
The pacemaker check is not a big deal but the room I was in was so hot I seriously thought I would have  a stroke before I got out of there. The nurse said half of their rooms were hot like the one I was in and the other half were fine. This has been going on for three weeks. The company that installed it can't seem to fix it. I am certain that this story really is something that you wanted to hear.

A few weeks ago I was going into this office to have my blood checked and Dee and Connie were coming out. Connie looked  good and seemed to be in good spirits.

I feel really good but lazy as can be.I have decided that house work is a pain so I just ignore it.
Ok, that is enough dribble so I'll end it for now.

                                            Mom, Mary, Grandma sweetpea, and Great Grandma sweetpea