October 7, 2005


Hi Everyone,


I guess the first thing I need to do is apologize for this letter being so  late. I have been having so much fun taking tests that I didn’t seem to get around to it.  But I think it would have to be a cold day in  h...... before I have any more tests.


The tests showed that my heart valve  was not in serious enough condition to require surgery.  They did find that I am enamic, but they cannot  find where  the blood is coming from. So they  put me on iron(one more pill to my collection) . The colonoscopy was just fine, no blood  but  the good news was that there wasn’t any cancer. Of course they aren’t sure where my fatigue and such  things  are coming from.BOY, THAT ‘S ENOUGH  OF THIS GRIPING.    Jennie was my escort through all of this and  she  took notes(does that surprise anyone) It’s good she did because I wouldn’t remember everything or maybe anything.


About the weather here---It has been fall  one day then winter the next. They have finally said that the drought is over. I hope that now they don’t start talking about floods.


I wish that I had more news but they say that  “No news is good news”.