December 2007


Dear Family,

I guess that I am past the date that this should have been sent. Of course you all should

accept when I do dumb things because I'm old.

You notice that I am double spacing so it will look like it longer. (also I'm not sure how

to make it print larger).

With me I guess that no news is good news. I'm feeling good and I would like to

get rid of some these pills that I take every day. I guess that if it ain't broke don't fix it.

I still have a visiting teacher that hasn't taught me patience yet. She is over fifty or close

to it and is single and has never been married. She has 3 cats that she thinks are real


It is like pulling teeth to get appointments set up for VT. I really like her but some times I

feel like pulling my hair out when trying to set a time to go VT.

That should be enough complaining for a while.

One of my doctors has moved to the new hospital, Jennie is going to take me tomorrow

for me to get a blood test. If went be myself the first time I would probably end up in


My brain has gone out to lunch or some place else, so I'll end this before you fall asleep

reading it.

Mom, Mary, Grandma, and Great Grandma