Dear Family,


Greetings from snowy Utah.Finally we can say that!!After getting a pretty good snow the day after Thanksgiving, we thought it was going to be a snowy winter.However, until last week we had only gotten an occasional light dusting of snow.Cole and Chad are happy to report that after receiving 9 inches last week we now have enough snow to jump in, make snowballs and snowmen out of, and of course to shovel.They are both like little kids playing out there.(Itís a good thing one of them actually is a little kid to justify their actions!!)

Life for us is good, although it is apparently going to get a little more exciting.For those of you who havenít heard, we are expecting a new addition to our family sometime the end of May.Cole has been telling us for months that he was getting a new baby sister, and last week, it was confirmed that he was correct.

We had a good Christmas, although once again it was hard to tell which of the 2 boys in my house got more excited on Christmas morning.Chad woke up at 6:30 because he was so excited for Cole to see what Santa had brought him.Cole on the other hand fell asleep at 7:00 on Christmas Eve and slept until 8:00 on Christmas morning.That caused him to miss out on all of the Santa preparations that my niece and nephew had planned for him.Of course, it didnít take him too long Christmas morning to get the hang of opening presents, but he wanted to stop and play with each new one as he opened them.Iím pretty sure it only gets crazier from here over the next few years, so I guess we have that to look forward to.

Cole talks, and talks, and talks, and talks, until we wonder if he will ever stop.His latest favorite phrases of ďCole do itĒ, ďCole hold itĒ, ďColeís turnĒ show his growing desire for independence and doing things his own way, much to his parentsí dismay at times.He really enjoys nursery, even though we only attend the family ward sporadically.In fact, a few weeks ago, I couldnít get him to leave.I went to get him after church and he was doing puzzles and eating snacks and wasnít going to leave until he decided he was done.Since nursery involves all of his favorite things: toys, kids, singing, coloring, and food, Iím not surprised that he likes it so much.

Chad and I are also doing well.This is a busy time of year for Chad with both work and church.So between that and attending BYU sports, he doesnít have much free time.Iím only teaching one day a week this semester, so Iím supposedly getting more done around the house.I donít think that is really happening though.Mostly I spend the extra time playing with and picking up after Cole.

Other than that, life in Spanish Fork goes on as normal.We are looking forward to our new little girl and will keep you updated on that. We enjoyed seeing all of you over Christmas and canít wait to see you again.




Chad, Becky, and Cole