Life for us is a constantly changing process.  As soon as we have adjusted to one change in our lives, it seems as if another is thrown our way.  I suppose that is a result of having two small children, as well as trying to be involved in anything possible.  It’s hard to believe that Cole will be turning 3 in another month and it’s even harder to believe that baby Emily is no longer a baby and that she is almost 1.

Emily, aka Giggles, is on a mission to drive her brother crazy and to make as many messes as possible.  After doing what we dubbed the “fall crawl” for several weeks, where she would sit up and then lunge forward and then sit up and then lunge forward repeatedly until she reached her goal, Emily decided actual crawling was much less work and much more effective.  Since then, there has been no stopping her.  She can get from one room to the next faster than I can some days.    She loves to follow us around and see if she is missing anything exciting.  She’s also mastered pulling herself up on anything she can, and I imagine it won’t be long before she gets brave enough to start trying to walk.  Emily is almost always smiling and happy, hence the nickname Giggles.  She loves to play with her brother’s toys, even if he is trying to play with them himself.  She also loves to pull the laundry out of the basket, not caring if her mother has just taken the time to nicely fold it all.  Emily also loves to eat anything she can get her hands on that resembles food.  Unlike most kids, she doesn’t put everything in her mouth, but if it looks like food, she will gobble it right up.  This is yet another upsetting thing to Cole.  She loves to get into any food that he has left down, from dry cereal to candy canes to bread.  Despite her love of food, she still looks like a long, skinny rail.  However, she has the cutest smile that keeps her from getting into too much trouble.

Cole thinks he is a big boy these days.  Don’t try to call him a baby, a little guy, or anything like that, or he will quickly remind you that he is a big boy.  He loves to talk and ask questions, sometimes much to his parents’ dismay.  Every now and then, his Mom wishes he would talk a little less, but I’m sure one day I will wish just the opposite and wonder why he won’t talk to me.  So, I’m trying to appreciate it while I can!  He has been waiting for the weather to get nice for several months now.  He even tried taking his bike and riding it in the snow because he really wanted to ride it.  He wasn’t very successful at that, and soon gave that up to drive his lawn mower through the snow.  Now that the weather has turned nicer, Cole spends most of his time outside.  He loves to play on his swing set, as well as the swing sets of several neighbors.  Recently he discovered that there are kids relatively close to his age that live in the two houses next to us.  So now he is always asking if the can see if Jessica or Questin can play.  I have a feeling I’m going to spend the rest of the summer trying to keep tabs on where he is.  Most of the time he is a good big brother.  He is often telling me that Emily has eaten something she shouldn’t have or that she is going somewhere she shouldn’t.  Of course, that could just be an attempt to get even with her for torturing him.  But, he is very cute with her and Emily loves when Cole plays with her.  Cole can get her to laugh faster than anyone.  It is very cute to watch.

Chad is staying busy with work.  He also attends lots of BYU sporting events, which he claims are work, but I’m not so sure.  Cole loves to go with him to the games, especially if Cosmo will be in attendance.  We have 3 colors at our house, BYU blue, Utes Yuck red, and Duck green (for the Oregon ducks that BYU played in the Las Vegas Bowl).  So, Chad’s brainwashing of Cole seems to be working.  Chad also likes to play whatever sport comes up.  His ward basketball team was less than successful, but his BYU football intramural team seems to pick up the winning slack.  Chad is also learning to enjoy his new calling as the Venture Crew Leader.  He even survived his first camping trip.  Hopefully he can make a difference with the Priests in our ward and help get them on the right path.  They obviously need some good guidance and direction.  Plus, this calling makes his wife snicker every time he talks about his fun camping trips that he loves so much!

Becky is ready for the school semester to end so she can get to a thorough cleaning of the house and working outside on her flower beds and garden.  She also likes to try to defy the aging process by playing volleyball, basketball, and whatever sport she can talk someone into letting her play.  Of course, the day after these games, she is reminded that she is not nearly as young as she thinks she is.  As if all of that and taking care of the kids is not enough, she also spends a few hours a week tutoring 5th graders, which makes her appreciate her 3-year-old even more!

We are doing well and even getting a little more sleep at our house these days.  We hope all is well with the rest of you and enjoy seeing you when we can.





Chad, Becky, Cole, and Emily