April 27, 2005


Dear Family,


Chuck gave me a little reminder tonight it was my turn to write the family letter and that I was supposed to have it done two days ago.I guess now you all know why itís late.


We enjoyed our recent trip to SLC and had a great visit with everyone.We spent the first 5 days of our trip spoiling Cole and bribing him with treats and toys so he would like us immediately.The method worked wonderfully and he was a perfect grandson throughout our visit.


Chuck was able to get tickets for General Conference while we were in town so all of us went to one session and Chuck went to three sessions. The conference center is beautiful and there is nothing like hearing the Prophet and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the same meeting.


Chad and Becky really feel like they are homeowners now that the yard is finally finished.They now have grass instead of dirt in their yard and will enjoy the summer a lot more now that Cole can enjoyed the yard.


Alise is finishing school in May and is planning to start paperwork for her cosmetology license.She has been hired full-time where she has been employed so she has decided to move into an apartment to find out what real life is all about now.The place she has found is within a few miles of my parents so she will be in the same area.


Chuck keeps more than busy between work, church, and playing with Web design on the computer.He reads and reads and then exports his knowledge onto the computer screen.He has been having a great time learning and has gotten very good at designing.He and I were both asked to be speakers at Womenís conference this weekend so he prepares talks on the computers as often as he does anything else.


I just returned from a quick business trip to Dallas.My new job is coming along and by the next letter I may have someone trained to take over for me in the accounting department.I feel certain once I can concentrate on just the new job I will like the change.