January 31, 2005


Dear Family,


I tried finding our last newsletter and the newest one I could find was dated back in August after the reunion. It doesnít sound right that itís been that long but oh well, here goes anyway.


Some of these things we may have already wrote about, but we canít remember if it was in a letter we canít find, or in our Christmas letter, so pardon any repeated information please.


(1) Alise returned to Salt Lake to complete her cosmetology degree. (2) Chuck was called to be 2nd Counselor in the Stake Presidency. (3) Lorna was called to be the Stake Primary President. (4) Chuck made a trip to Salt Lake in November. (5) Chad, Becky and Cole visited Fayetteville over Thanksgiving. (6) Alise visited Fayetteville over Christmas. (7) Lorna, Chuck and Alise visited the Allentown Gwilliamís over Christmas. (8) Chuck and Lorna made an offer on a condo and will close on Friday, February 4th 2005.


Alise and Chad will be doing their own newsletter this time around so we will let them fill you in on their happenings. I guess the biggest change in our lives has been the change in our Stake. It has been a tremendous blessing being in the Stake Presidency. I serve with four great priesthood brethren. It has been very time consuming but very rewarding working with the people in the stake. Lorna wasnít thrilled when called to be the Stake Primary President, but has softened her heart and loves every minute of it now. The great thing about both of us in stake callings is getting to be with other on Sundays. For the past six years I was gone at least 3 of the 4 Sundays each month on High Council assignment. As we have been doing Ward and Branch conferences this month weíve been able to travel together.


Lorna recently accepted a change with her job at Brock Cabinets. She is going into sales with them. Her accounts will be in Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC. A couple of times each month she will make day trips to each city and work with her customers. The rest of the month she will deal with them over the phone or via email. She is watching airfares closely hoping to find a cheap ticket to SLC to see her grandson. She doesnít care about the rest of the family, just the grandson.


Iím just doing the same old, same old with work. Our division is currently up for sale so who knows where and what will happen with that. I guess Iím not too excited about this since Iíve been through this so many times over the years. Maybe I should be nervous since you never know what happens with things like this. Other than work and church my only outside activity has been working on the web site. Iíve learned a lot about the internet, web sites, and programming scripts (example: programming the calendar). Iím having fun with it and hope everyone is enjoying it. Please donít hesitate giving any suggestions to do something different with it. Also, any time you have pictures or other things to add please forward them to me.


Our last exciting news is about our condo - we will close on Friday. Itís a little smaller than we planned on, but financially made more sense for us. I put pictures on the web site a couple of weeks ago. Iíll put new ones on the site after we get moved in. We are planning on moving the weekend of February 12th.


Other than these highlights life is good for Lorna and me. Iíd better go since Lorna is packing boxes and expects me to help.