Wednesday July 20, 2005


Dear Family,


My goodness does life travel by fast in our world. It was only yesterday that we were out in Utah and bam Lorna had to write the family newsletter shortly after that. She said I had to do it this time and I was happy as can be to do it.


Since our last newsletter we have gone to Charleston, SC., Wilmington, NC. and Savannah, GA. Two of those trips, Wilmington and Savannah were tied to business trips for Lorna. Yes, Lorna is becoming the east coast beach resort traveler. These places are much easier and quicker to get into than the trips Scott has to make. Weíve really enjoyed seeing these cities. Savannah and Charleston have many historical venues to see. We plan to visit both places again before the summer is out. We didnít get to see everything the first time so weíll go back and try again.


Lornaís life the first seven months of this year has been focused on her new job in sales. Her territory is the beach cities of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Two or three times a month she will go down for a day or two to visit her customers. She is finding her job challenging at times, but also rewarding as she continues to grow in her job. She is finding out the fun it is to make promises to customers and then have co-workers drop the ball and not provide the service that was promised. What I like the most is the money she is making. I am contemplating how soon I can retire and let her be the bread winner.


The rest of Lornaís time is taken with her Primary calling. She enjoys visiting the primary wards and branches a couple of times a month. Her presidency has a demanding Stake Presidency that expects stake auxiliary leaders to work with the units. Besides visiting the units as the Stake Primary President she tags along with me as I make my visits. We donít go to our home ward very often. †In fact last Sunday we went to our home ward not as stake leaders but as ward members. It was the first time in four or five months we have attended our ward. The sad thing is even when we attend our ward I have to sit on the stand. †If you want to know some church trivia ÖÖ..I always sit on the stand because a member of the stake presidency presides at any meeting he attends. When general authorities come they always drill that into you.


Last month our stake had a great opportunity to be trained by church leaders from Salt Lake. We had two general authorities, and a general board member from Primary, Relief Society and Young Womenís come into Fayetteville and do auxiliary training. Two other stakes were invited to attend this training. †The training was very uplifting and enlightening.


Iím keeping busy with my church calling. It is a pleasure working with stake members and priesthood leaders like I do. Work has been slow this summer. In fact itís the slowest summer Iíve ever seen. The company I work for is up for sale, so who knows who Iíll be working for in the coming months. No clue if it will affect me and my job, I doubt it but you never know.


Iím looking forward to football season starting next month. I feel confident the Cougars will return to their glory years where they belong. Sorry Ute fans but youíve got to state facts as you see them. We are planning a trip in October to South Bend to see BYU play Notre Dame. Chad and Becky will be meeting us there. The school from up north is playing at North Carolina this coming season in football. Some of the stake members have suggested getting tickets and go watch them play. Iím not sure if I can do that, weíll have to see. Getting tickets shouldnít be hard since every year stake members try to give away North Carolina football tickets.


Chad and Alise are supposed to write their own newsletter this time so they can give an update on how they are doing. Itís time to end this story. Look for the next edition in a couple of months. Thanks to everyone for all they do getting their newsletter and pictures in. I know every couple of weeks Lorna and I look forward to reading the next one that is posted. I hope everyone is pleased with how the site is working.


Love Lorna and Chuck



p.s. it was Lornaís birthday last week so Iíve included pictures of that


p.s.s. i bought a new Digital SLR camera last weekend so be prepared for seeing lots of pictures from us.


p.s.s.s. please feel free to forward any and all pictures or videos at any time, Iíd love for them to be on the web site