December 4, 2007


Dear Family,

The last few months have flown by it seems and Christmas is almost here! We are excited to be able to once again come home for the holidays and look forward to seeing everyone at Scott and Heather’s on Christmas Eve afternoon. It appears we will make another stopover in Las Vegas on our way home this year to watch BYU in the Vegas Bowl. As Chad would say “Go Cougars!”

Today the weather turned a bit colder here and 57 is expected to be the high temperature. I have such a difficult time living here wondering what the seasons are supposed to be when it doesn’t change enough to be able to tell. I am hoping for snow once again this year since the one time it snowed last winter I missed it because it melted so quickly.

Chuck and I were fortunate to be able to travel to Germany over Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Germany we did not have a traditional meal but the food was wonderful, they have wonderful bakeries on every corner. We managed to see as much of the country as we could in 10 days. Chuck was there a week before I joined him attending work meetings but once I arrived the fun began!!! He will post pictures on the family website but just know if you want to see more he took almost 1000 pictures. I absolutely loved the trip and wish we could have stayed a week longer. It was a beautiful place and we had a great time.

Building is very slow right now so work has been as quiet as I have seen in 7 years working for Brock Cabinets. I have appreciated being able to take off quite a bit of time so I haven’t complained much about the lack of a good paycheck. My boss keeps me busy most days on other projects so most of the time I am happy to be at work.

Chuck is status quo at his job and keeps plugging along. Church meetings fill in his evenings and the rest of his time is spent keeping up with BYU sporting events and his photography hobby.

We are healthy and happy and grateful for all of our blessings.

Happy Holidays to everyone - see you soon!

Lorna and Chuck