January 31, 2006


Dear Family,


Okay Iím late, what can I say. Between work and church, there arenít enough hours in the day. Church is currently a problem because we are in the middle of Ward Conferences with our units. We do all 8 Ward conferences in the months of January and February.We donít do them on Fast Sundays, so that means in an 8 week period we do 8 conferences in 6 of those weeks. Two Sundays we do two units the same day, one at 9:00 and the second one at 1:00 pm. Yes, Iím asking for sympathy from everyone. Donations will be accepted in any denomination.


From the work side, the last couple of months of have been hairy. My company is closing two departments in our Nashville office and they are being re-located to the distribution center working under me. Those two departments are customer service and our transportation group. Itís been fun having less than 60 days to hire, train, and have people ready to work in Fayetteville that quick. It all happens next Monday February 6th. If you hear a loud scream from the east coast you will know itís me having fun on start up day. For 16 months our company has been up for sale, hopefully itís getting close and maybe life will return to normal at work.


Lorna is doing great. Work and church keep her busy, but Iíll let her tell you in her own words with the next newsletter from us how much fun her life is in these areas. She has been doing the sales job for a year now. She is on top of the world and should have been nominated as the salesperson of the year with her company but her boss wouldnít have dared do that because the employees already think sheís the teachers pet. Seriously, the area she calls on increased in sales tremendously this past year. Itís the best sales they have ever had and itís all because of her.


Lorna is already counting the weeks until she can come out to Utah and play with her second grandchild. Iím sure you all know that Chad and Becky are expecting late May and Lorna will be out there immediately after our granddaughter is born. I just hope there won't be a repeat of two years ago when Lorna left me on my death bed to go see Cole after he was born.


For entertainment purposes Lorna and I watched the season premier of 24. We had never watched it before but had seen so many ads and stories as to how good it is that we gave it a try. Our free time for the next month or two is renting the previous 4 seasons DVDís from Blockbuster and watching them. We are half-way thru the first season. Donít know if anyone else watches it but man itís intense.


Both are kids are doing well. Chad included a newsletter which you can read for yourself. Alise is Alise so what else can I say. May I can guilt her into writing her own letter.


It was great seeing everyone at Christmas.We are looking forward to being out west sometime later this summer. Iíll sign off so I can keep this to one page.




Chuck and Lorna