July 23, 2006


Dear Family,


Lucky me, I get to write our newsletter right after the family reunion. 


Chuck and I both enjoyed the trip and came back wishing we were still in Southern Utah.  That is one thing we will never get used too, the East just isn’t the same without those mountains.  For those who didn’t hear we spent three days before the reunion in Zion’s Canyon and had a great time in preparation for the get together.  The canyons are so beautiful and although the terrain and massive mountains at Zion’s were wonderful, the colors and wildlife at Bryce Canyon were great to see.


We had a great time being together with the family and want to thank Trudy and Dean for all of their time and preparation.  The talent show, the family songs, the nightly devotionals and the games were fun. It was so good to catch up with everyone and to finally see Kyle and Sheree’s daughter Taylor who we had yet to meet.  We all have busy lives but it is a testament to the unity and love to see all of us make the reunions a priority.


We were able to stay until the 18th with my parents and have a few days with my family.  My family had a party at my brother’s so we were all together too.  I spent my birthday with my sisters and mother doing what I do best………shopping!  Alise managed to meet us for part of the day and considering her schedule that is a miracle.


Chad and Becky blessed Emily on the 16th, we were so happy to be there for the event.  Chad was released from his calling as counselor in the Bishopric after 3 years.  He is not sure what will be coming his way now, but Becky will definitely appreciate the help on Sunday mornings for a change.


No more news than that I guess.  Chuck may be open for suggestions for the next Gwilliam Reunion so feel free to email him.  Again, thanks so much for a great time and it was wonderful to see everyone.




Lorna and Chuck