March 2007


Dear Family,


We are doing well and looking forward to a couple of weekends away both this weekend and next.Scott and Heather are coming conference weekend and we will spend a few days at Myrtle Beach with them.We are excited to have family visit, and considering it was in the 80ís today we should enjoy good weather.Easter Weekend we are going to Savannah, GA., Chuckís favorite get-away location.Chuck is doing well keeping up with work and church responsibilities.He is getting better and better at talks from the pulpit and with my critical help improves each time (ha-ha).He said he didnít have anything to do with it but I was one of the speakers at the Saturday night session of our Stake Conference last month, I think it was payback.


Work is going well for me, although sales in the South Carolina area have slowed down for the last 30 days.Our Cabinet rep tells us by summer things will be back up to booming home sales and we will have more than we can handle.I am fine with it and have found time to catch up and take on other projects.Primary visits keep me busy on the weekends, Chuck and I even attended a Pine wood Derby last night that I was invited too.


Alise is doing great and is looking forward to taking her Cosmetology test for her certificate at the end of April.She enjoys her singles ward and has been able to attend FHE and activities since going back to school again.She is looking great and has had very few problems with her health.She will let everyone know once she finds a salon to work in.


Chad and Becky were able to go to Las Vegas recently to watch the BYU women and men play in a basketball tournament.Cole and Emily continue to be the two cutest, smartest, grandchildren to ever be born.Chuck and I get on the web-cam with them weekly so they wonít forget us between visits.


We are coming for a visit the middle of June 6/12 Ė 6/26 and would love to see anyone who is around.My family is starting a Taylor Family Reunion this year and we are going to Lava Hot Springs.It is the 2nd weekend we are in town.Chuck has been pondering the Gwilliam Reunion for next year and will be contacting everyone at some point with possible dates and locations.


Everyone be good and have a great Spring!