October 2, 2007

Dear Family,

Fall is here, can you believe it? Christmas will be upon us in no time! We are planning to be in Utah for the holidays; we fly in on the 19th and will stay through New Years. We also have a fun trip for Thanksgiving planned, we are going to Germany. Chuck has meetings the week of the 12th so we decided that would be a great place to spend the week of Thanksgiving to avoid cooking a turkey.

Chuck recently spoke at Stake Conference and I am convinced he is becoming a better speaker with each one. He spoke at the Saturday evening session with a specific assignment from the visiting General Authority and did a great job. Chuck and I enjoy visiting a different ward most every week throughout our stake. This month I am visiting wards to watch Primary programs which are always a treat. So far 3 wards are singing a song along with sign language and it is a different song in each ward.

Brock Cabinets decided to put together a co-ed softball team this year and in order to qualify as a team needed 5 women to play. When they were 1 women short I was recruited. I have never played nor ever wanted to play softball so it has been a big stretch on my part. I am proud to report I have hit the ball numerous times but have yet to make it to first base. The first time I even took the bat with me as I attempted to get there. I would like to say I have enjoyed it and have improved, but that would be a lie. I can say I am a loyal employee and have been a dependable body to avoid forfeits each week.

Alise has appreciated all the family members who have given her the opportunity for work in the hair salon. She started a part time job this week to supplement the salon business until it can support her.

I will have Chuck post two recent pictures of Cole and Emily on the website so you can see how cute they are. We talk to them on the webcam most weeks and Cole sings and tells us all the new things he knows. Chad is putting in lots of extra hours this time of year in addition to going to school in SL once a week. Becky is teaching one Math class again this semester and both she and Chad are involved in softball.

We look forward to seeing everyone in December and hope everyone is well and happy!

Love, Lorna and Chuck