Kyle, Sheree, Konner, and Taylor Marie Berryessa

Well to start off Kyle and I are going on our 7th year of marriage here on June 3rd. Its so crazy to sit and think how LONG that feels but at the same time how short of time it really is. As everyone knows we are going to Hawaii and we are so EXCITED. The kids keep asking like 3 times a day when we are going. And imagine its 3 Ĺ weeks away. So im going to be pretty sick of hearing about it.

Well for Kyle he is still at Iworks where he has been for the past 6 years and is the manager over the IT department. He loves his job, and works REALLY hard at what he does. He is the best provider ever.

As for me I work at Konners school as a Lunch recess aide. My job is to boss all the kids around. (I do it VERY well) and I still do some Recorders jobs for AllSearch up in SLC.

Otherwise im a stay at home mom.

Konner is in kindergarten. He likes to go to school but sometime I have to literally drag him to school. He is 6 years old and has the biggest imagation. He looks like a miniature Kyle.

And last but not least Taylor Marie, her and I do a lot of hanging out together while Konner is in school. She is my best friend, I knew I wanted to have a little girl so that I would have someone to play with my hair. She is just like me and I love it. She is very bullheaded and demanding. But that is the best kind of personality, I think.


Well thatís pretty much all that we are doing down here in St. George

Till next time,,

Kyle, Sheree, Konner, and Taylor Marie