Dear Family,


It is hard to believe it is almost spring and we still have snow on the ground and a chance of more this weekend.We are tired of snow.The kidís school year has been extended to June 15th because of snow days they have to make up.


Charly is the one most tired of the snow.She finally got her license and wants to drive.The problem is we wont let her when it snows.It has been nice to have her pick up the kids and drive them to different activities.She is getting a full schedule right now with school, church and after school things.She is taking an SAT prep class this spring to get ready for the new SAT test that is coming out this spring.She is also in the stake youth presidency for girlís camp.They are trying to get organized for camp that will be in June this year.She is also in Art club and took as many art classes as she could this year.In her textile class, all her projects have been held for the Art school this spring.

Kevin is tired of shoveling the snow.He is trying to work out a deal with his dad on getting a snow blower for next year.I tell him to keep the shovel and work on muscle.He is still a toothpick, just taller.He is just an inch shorter than is dad right now.Kevin has been heard to be disappointed when school is called off.He is the one who loves going to school.Last grading period he made high honor roll.


Chelsea has been busy with after school projects.She just finished working on the spring musical at school.She was part of the lighting crew.We were surprised when she wanting to work with the musical.She has been asked to work on two different art projects at school.One was making a tile for the school board and now a mural for the school hallway.She also has 3 art projects on display right now in the civic center in Allentown.


Cindy has started dance lessons.She is always dancing around the house so we decided she needs teaching.She just started two weeks ago doing jazz and tap.It is not as easy as she thought it would be.But she loves the clothes she wears for dance.She has decided to run for student council this spring.That was a surprise.She is getting her speech ready and is excited to try.


Kody is busy with cubs and getting ready for the pinewood derby.He has the car ready for mom to cut out.He is going for a limo.Kody is counting down to Easter.He is going with a friend and his parents to Florida for Easter break.They are driving down.They have done a few two-hour trips with the boys to see how they will do in the car.


Kasey is excited for school.We finally have registered him for kindergarten this week.He canít wait.He believes he will get on the bus the next day so we have that to still work on.He has a playgroup every week he goes to.I call it therapy.The kids play and the moms play scrabble.Kasey is the only one who doesnít care about the snow.He will ride his bike in anything.


Matt is still busy at work.It has slowed down some so that the kids get a chance to see him.He has been able to attend church with us this month.That is nice.The new people do think he is inactive.


I am keeping busy.I stopped working last month and I havenít gotten to my wish list yet.I am trying to keep up with the kids activities and church events.In the last six months we have had 8 young women baptized.Six of them are Laurels.None of the parents are members.It is a challenge because some need rides to a lot of activities.Charly and Chelsea have done a great job as class presidents in welcoming the new girls.