Hello family,


It is hard to believe it is time to write again.  The older I get the faster time goes.  The kids are out of school tomorrow and the hot weather has finally hit us. We are all going different direction and I am trying to stay sane.  As most of you know Matt was sent to South Bend, IN for a few weeks.  They had the family go out for the weekend to check out the area.  The ended up send Matt back home.  It is nice to have him here.  Charly is driving know and is a big help getting everyone home for after school events and to dance lessons and quick trips to the store.  But it was nice to have Matt here when the school called to tell us Kody had broken his leg at recess.  Matt holds up better in emergency like this.  I am the weak one. 

Kody was playing soccer, was kicked and fell wrong.  The whole school was talking about hearing the pop when his leg broke.  He has had alot of calls and cards from the kids at school.  Most tell about the little girl who likes him and how she cried.  Kasey has been a big help and a great nurse.  He stayed by Kody side Thursday when he got home until I made Kasey go to bed.  Friday he got tired of helping and his leg started to hurt.  He need to set down and rest it on a pillow. He will most likely be in a cast for 6 weeks.   Kody has finished his first year in band and loved it.  He had a great concert.  He is glad he is signed up for football this fall instead of soccer.

Kasey is the one signed up for soccer in the fall.  He can't wait.  The next door neighbor played this spring and Kasey went to a couple of practices.  Kasey went to kindergarten orientation last month and had a great time.  they went to all the different classes and they were able to have a ride on a school bus.  He was up and ready for school the next day.

Cindy has had a busy spring.  she was in the 5th grade musical.  She did alot of dancing and singing.  She has been taking a jazz and tap class the spring and is doing well at it.  She is a born dancer.  She never stays in one spot to long.  She has had alot of party and events getting ready for graduating from 5th grade.  Next year she will be in Middle School.  She just turned 11 years old and had her birthday/sleepover party.  They older kids all left the house and went shopping.  The girls where screaming and laughing most the night.

Chelsea has been busy with Art Club.  She has done really well in class and has been asked to do extra project for the school.  Her and Kevin just completed two murals for the Middle School.  She has decided to do cross country next year and has started the training program for that.  Kody was her workout partner.  She was awarded the Science award at school this year.  She was the top student in science.  It was a surprise for her because she doesn't like science.  Chelsea is getting ready for girls camp next week and EFY next month.  She has been a great help in young women's.  She has 2 new converts in her class and has done a great job as Beehive Pres.

Kevin has found life outside of the basement.  After spending all winter in the basement with the game system and TV, he has found a group of boys in the area to hang out with.  Every day after school the are gone bike riding.  they all check in every couple of hours and are home by 8 o'clock.  Kevin was in the Art club with Chelsea  but not as involved as her.  He is just as talented but not focused.  Kevin received the Presidential award this year.  It was for students that maintained a 3.8 GPA for higher all year.  Kevin and Chelsea are both going into High School next year and starting seminary.  It is a scary thought.

Charly is out of school already and is calling herself a senior.  She is excited and nerves at the same time.  She has also been involved in the Art Club at the high school.  At the annual art show she had 5 of her project entered in.  She and I went to NYC to the Museum of Modern Art.  It was an interesting day.  She has been elected vice president of the art club for next year.  Charly is also in the stake youth camp presidency.  She has been involved all year in planning girls camp.  She has also been my laurel class president.  This past year we have had 8 girls baptized, 6 of the Laurels.  We have 3 foster girls coming with their foster family and 3 more investigators.  It has been a challenge.

I am sorry this is late.  Matt will be sending everyone an email in the next few days update you  on work and where is may be taking us.  We hope you all have a great summer and no one else breaks a leg.



The Schnecksville Gwilliams