Family Newsletter August 2005




This summer I played basketball; soccer and I went swimming a lot.  I went camping in Vermont and I went fishing.  We went to a cheese factory and to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory.  Some times I played on the computer.  But most of the time I played with my friends.  I am now in Indiana and I started school last week.  At school I do puzzles and I get to go to the library.  I get to go on a bus in the mornings with Kody.



Hi, I broke my leg playing soccer right before school was out.  Then the end of June I went boating with a friend and cut my foot. And had 5 stitches in my right foot.  My leg was in a cast for 8 weeks and I had to take it easy for four more weeks.  I was signed up to play football this fall but with my leg and the move I have to wait another year.  The three oldest kids went to EFY in Vermont and the rest of the family went camping.  We went to Ben & Jerry’s and got free samples, then we went to Cabot Cheese and they handed out free samples.  My favorite was the zesty nacho.  It is fun here in Indiana.  I have a fun teacher and the students are treating me well.  I feel like I’ve been here for 3 years.  I like the house.  It’s big and I met a really awesome friend who likes to play all the sports I like.  I am signing up for the FIRST Lego league.  We get to make Lego robots and compete with them.



This summer we went to Vermont.  It was awesome!  We went to an ice cream factory.  The cheese factory, it was cool but it really smelled bad.  While we were there, we stayed in a camper.  Before we moved, I got to have a lot of sleepovers with my friends.  Mom and the 3 older kids went to Indiana to register for school.  I had a 3-day sleepover.  It was fun.  So far middle school is okay.  It is really hard to find my locker and my classes.  Some of my teachers are really nice and others are not.   I have met a lot of friends so far and I hope to meet more.



I went to my second year of girl’s camp.  Where I twisted my ankle pretty bad. (according to the nurse)  I also went to EFY for the first time.  That was interesting.  The director of EFY was really nice and funny.   When I found out we were moving again, I did a lot of stuff with my friends.  We went to Dorney Park, the movies and sleepovers.  The young women did a going away party for us, that was fun.  I got a lot of stuff from my friends, not only because I was moving but also my birthday.   Kevin and I did a mural and mosaic with some other kids for the middle school in PA.   I did a vase and one of my friend’s thought I bought it.  When I was trying on school clothes that my mom said I looked a little like Ashley Olsen.  The first week of school was crazy but I lived.  There was this one time at lunch that was weird.  I have to wake up really early on my birthday because it is the first day of seminary.  I’m a year ahead of most of the other freshmen in Spanish, I am glad there is another freshmen with me.  I am taking a yearlong food class, which should be awesome.  I haven’t slept in my room yet.  I am waiting for it to look like a room first.  So I am on the floor in the basement.  Mom thinks I’m nuts.



This year I went to girl’s camp.  It was my last year of being a girl’s camp youth leader.  Now I have to do something else there.  EFY was only 3 days.  It was an Express EFY in Vermont.  That was fun but short.  The rest of the family went camping.  Then Youth Conference came.  There we learned more about missionary work and all of us got a “Preach My Gospel” book.  My job for the summer was babysitting for a family in the ward.  They were 2 girls  (11 & 8) Monday – Thursday and their brother on Fridays.  Sometimes babysitting kids makes you not want to have any.  With them I became a more confident driver.  Roads I said I never would go on, I ending having to.



The summer has been crazy.  Getting the house ready with Matt in IN and the girls at camp was interesting.  Luckily it was only a 6 day wonder to sell the house.  I would have gone mad if it had gone longer.  We had 16 showings of the house in 6 days.  Every time it showed we had to leave.  I had Kody with his broken leg and Chelsea with her ankle.  It was a busy time with 3 kids at EFY and then 2 at Youth Conference.  We had to make an extra trip out here to get the 3 in High school registered.  With this being Charly’s senior year we need her to be able to get the classes needed.  They were the easy ones to get into school.  Cindy was the hard one.  The Middle school was not too helpful.  She finally was put into the system the day before school started.  Matt was able to come home every other weekend which did help some, but when it came time to pack he was still in IN.  He flew in the day after the truck loaded everything and drove away.  He missed the packing and loading.  He has been told that if he moves the family again and he is not here for the packing and loading, the driver will get a new address and Matt will to get the new address.   He was here for the arrival of the boxes.  That was crazy last week.  We closed Monday at 1 p.m. and then started the drive to Indiana.  Ten hours later at 11 p.m. we arrived in South Bend.  Tuesday at noon we closed on the house here.  I finished getting Cindy in school that afternoon.  Kody and Kasey had an open house at school that night and school started the next morning.



The new house and neighborhood has been great.  The first official night in the new house, the next-door neighbor brought dinner from Olive Garden in for us.  He is the regional manager for Olive Garden, so he has connections.  The older kids had mutual that night.  The kids also started school the same day we moved in.  On Saturday, Kody was invited to a birthday party across the street, Cindy has been on 2 sleepovers, Kody has been to lake Michigan to swim, the family spent Labor at a neighborhood party.  We seem to be fitting into the neighborhood and ward just fine.  If all goes well, we’ll stay for many years to come.  Oh, work has been going very, also.  I am still very busy, but the operation is greatly improving.  Just in time for Christmas season.