Dear Family,


I can't believe it is the end of June already.  Where did the year going.We have had a
very busy and stressful spring here is Granger.  I can't see the end of the tunnel yet. 
Maybe in August when school starts again.

Kasey has had a great spring.  He has completed kindergarten!  I am counting the days for
1st grade to start.  Kasey hates to go shopping and when school ends at 10:20 a.m. every
day he goes shopping with mom.  In his scrape book the PTO made the kinds his teacher
wrote, Kasey, Kasey, Kasey , I have said that name alot this year.  Kasey was to social
in class. Kaesy  played soccer for the first time.  He was great!  He wasn't afraid of
going after the ball.  Practicing against Kody may have helped. It was fun watching the
games. It was a 4 on 4 game with rotating every 5 minutes.  Coaches were the refs.  His
team won all but 1 game.

Kody also played soccer.  He was awesome.  Being left handed he had a great left kick and
played left forward.  It was a challenge when it came to game times  Both boys usually
played at the same time but different parts of the city.  Kody enjoyed soccer but he is
waiting for Rocket Football to start in August.  KOdy received the Pigskin award at
school this year because all he talked about was football.  He has four friends that
signed up with him. Hopefully they will be together.  Kody just start 11 year old scouts
and only need a camp out to get his Tenderfoot.  Go Kody!

Cindy has enjoyed Middle school.  She adjusted faster than anyone else last fall.  She is
not afraid of anything.  In Choir she would try out of solo parts or dance parts for the
concerts.   She did some dancing and was in a trio for one song.  Cindy has turned the
mighty age of 12 and is in Young Women's.  Now there are 3 Gwilliam girls in mutual.  She
went to camp for the first time this month and loved it.  The food was gross, the bugs
were bad, it rained, but it was great.  Cindy will not be to the Family Reunion this year
because of summer school.  She is sad but making plans with friends here.

Chelsea  finished track with shine splints and sore arches.   She was in so much pain we
had to take her to see a doctor.  She has bad feet.  She just received her shoe inserts
this week.  So with the exercises and the inserts she should be able to run again. 
Chelsea is training with the school trainer for the football season.  She is excited.  A
friend at school talked her into it.  They start the first of August and go until the
season ends. Chelsea went to girls camp and came back with over 60 bug bites.  She really
is not that sweet.

Kevin is still in weight training for football and the  camps start in July. He is not
going to the Reunion because of drivers ed.  It starts July 10th and there are no
refunds.  They will work with us for Scout camp at the end of the month but that is all. 
Kevin is sad about the reunion but he can't wait to drive.  We are going next week for
his permit.  I had him take a practice test online this week.  He got all of them right. 
The best I made was an 80%.  Kevin has made a personal goal to get outside more this
summer. Next to Kody who has a year round tan Kevin has the best tan on his legs.

Charly has been the stressful one.  She went to Prom this year and had a great time.  Her
Young women's leader made her dress for her.  Hopefully she can scan some pictures for
the family to see.  I have a new respect for mothers of graduating seniors.  Everything
that goes on and the new attitude of the senior.
  Graduation was on Norte Dame campus
She had a graduation class of 675.  It was a long afternoon.  It was also on Sunday. 
Most of them in the area were on a Sunday. Interesting.  Charly has applied and has
scheduled class for IU South Bend.  After her first year she wants to enter into the
nursing program.  Yesterday we went to orientation at IU South Bend.  She should have fun
and it is in town.

Matt and I have entered into the new phase of our lives. We are a three car family with a
college student.  I don't know about everyone else but I don't feel old enough for that. 
Matt has been adjusting his hours and has been working more 2nd and 1st shifts.  It is
nice to have him home more.  We have all been trying to adjust to my new calling.  It has
been over a month as the RS Pres. and I am still questioning why me.  I guess I will
always wonder about that.  I only know about 1/8th of the ward and it was a night mare
doing VT changes.  We have a big change every summer because of college students, and
alot of women will cry about  changes.