Dear Family,

I have tried to find time this last weekend to have the kids write their letters. As you
can see I wasn't successful.

It has been a crazy winter here in Indiana. We had most all of our snow before
Christmas. And all the freezing temperatures after the new year. The snow from our storm
on Monday is gone and today we are up to the 60's. Sever Weather is coming our way.
Enough about the weather and on to the kids.

Charly has been working with the Mishawaka high school swim team this winter. She has
been a time keeper at all of the meets. It has given her something to do and she was
able to make some good friends.
She has sent out college applications. She applied at BYU Idaho and was accepted for
next winter semester. And she applied to IUSB, here in South Bend. She has been
accepted there and will hopefully start there next fall. She has been busy looking for a
dress for prom. Not an easy thing to find. A modest dress. So we have found a pattern
and Mom is making it.
Kevin has been working out with the football team since Christmas break. He isn't sure
about making the team and if he wants to give up his summer vacation for football
practice. Practice starts the end of June.
Kevin has been enjoying seminary this year. It help when the family took the challenge
to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. Kevin was able to pass off all of his
scripture off before the Christmas break. Which made his sisters unhappy. That is not a
high priority for Chalry and Kevin is making her look bad. Chelsea finally decided to
keep the teachers schedule for passing them off. That way she didn't look so bad.
Chelsea has started track this month. It is good for her. She likes to run and she
doesn't have to talk to anyone. She has made some friends here and is coming out of her
shell. She is also taking a major cooking class at school. She loves it and has come up
with her on recipe for hot wings. They are the most requested food for any youth activity.
Cindy is busy with school and choir. She has tried out for different part for her
concert and she has made a few of them. I knew choir was a class she would enjoy. She
is always singing and dancing around the house. It is a good thing her room is in the
basement. She is getting ready for a talent night at church and a survivors night at
school. Cindy is not scared of bugs and things like that. so she should have alot of fun.
Kody just finished basketball with the elementary school. The boys beat the teachers in
the final game. It had been along time since that had happened. Kody was also part of a
Lego league. His team was able to go on to District in January. Matt and Kevin went to
Fort Wayne for the tournament. He likes this sports but he is waiting for football next
fall. If he doesn't break an arm or a leg he should be fine.
Kasey is bored with mom. He is home from school by 10:30 a.m. and I am not entertaining
enough. And he doesn't like to go shopping. We had a friend who he could play with a
couple times a week but his mother has him in day care after school now. Kasey and Kody
are both signed up for spring soccer and kasey can't wait. His friend from church is
hoping to be on the same team.
We are still waiting for Matt's hours to go back to normal. Peak was to end in December.
They started another new program here in South Bend and so he is still busy. We joke
about putting his picture at the dinner table so he can eat with us.
I am trying to keep up with everyone's schedules. I have started playing basketball two
mornings a week and I am teaching the missionary class at church. It is an interesting
class. It has been nice having a second driver in the family. Charly has been my girl
Friday. Kevin is hoping to get into drivers ed this summer so he can drive next school
year. Chalry is afraid and I can't wait. Someone else to run kids around town.
Speaking of kids it is time to get Kasey. We hope you all are well and hope to see you
this summer.

The Granger Gwilliam's