30 September 2007

Dear Family,

Heather tells me the newsletter is due today and that it is my turn to write. I just checked, the last newsletter from our family was written July 16th, and yes, I wrote it. In fact, it was submitted about a week before we headed to Southern California for Tyler and Amy’s wedding, so that’s where I’ll start.

Tyler and Amy were married at the Newport Beach Temple on Saturday July 21st. We had a rehearsal dinner the night before. Being in California it was mostly Amy’s family. Jim and Kathie, Heather’s dad, Heidi and Clint and their two girls made the trip to California with us and joined us for the dinner and reception. The ceremony was very nice. Heather’s Sister, Sandi and her husband Reed, along with their oldest Son Barratt and his wife Marci came to the ceremony and reception later Saturday night. Sunday we gathered at Amy’s parent’s home to watch the newlywed’s open their wedding gifts.

Tyler and Amy spent two nights in Newport Beach before flying on Monday to Edinburgh, Scotland for four nights, followed by a train ride to London and four more nights there. They had a great time, were able to see castles, the Lochness monster, and some West End Musicals before returning home to another reception (open house) in Salt Lake City on August 4th. This was held at the Gatherning Place in South Jordan.

In between these two events Jim and Kathie made the move to Baltimore where Jim begin work in his lab at Johns Hopkins in July and then started school in August. Jim and I flew home from Tyler and Amy’s wedding on Sunday evening, while the others drove home on Monday. We loaded the moving Van in Salt Lake Monday morning with all their belongings, hooked Kathie’s car to a tow-dolly behind the van and began heading East. On the way we stopped to visit Matt and Lori for a couple hours in South Bend and we took a tour at Winter Quarters. It was amazing how much I enjoyed this trip. I enjoyed spending four straight days with my oldest son talking about every topic possible. I knew we wouldn’t be seeing or talking to him as much the next five years, so I took full advantage of this time together.

I guess it is fair to say that this summer has been a significant one for our family with two of our boys getting married and Landon beginning University, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Kathie and Heather flew from Salt Lake to Baltimore on Thursday the 26th of July. Jimmy and I had already unloaded all the boxes into their apartment, but the girl’s helped us unpack and put most of the items away. The next couple days we made a trip to Ikea to buy some furniture using gift cards they had received for wedding gifts and attended church with them at their Inner Harbour Ward in Baltimore, and then Heather and I flew home on Monday morning. We keep in touch and talked frequently. Both of them are adjusting to a new life style away from their family, but I think they are doing fine. I would suggest that you check out their “blog” for pictures and more details.


Tyler has been anxiously engaged in school at the U and working at Heatizon while Amy has started teaching again at Challenger (1st grade). Amy has been called as Choir director in their Ward. Tyler is still awaiting a call. They have had us over to dinner at their apartment several times since they’ve been married and we get together about once a week for other fun and games or activities. Amy watched part of the BYU game last night and expects us to go out dancing now. Uggghhh!!!! Tyler is president of the student chapter of AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and will be spending time in those extracurricular activities. Amy may start teaching voice lessons to a few special students once she gets settled into school.

Landon started at the U, is majoring in Physics and Mathematics. He is a faithful U of U football fan. He sat through the snow-storm yesterday with his friend Jessica. Landon, Heather, Jessica and Jessica’s mother (Sally) are going to New York the 9th through the 13th of October. Landon has been asking to go see Broadway musicals for a couple years now. I believe they have a very full itinerary including seeing Wicked, Mary Poppins, Lion King and Legally Blonde. Landon was made an Elder a couple weeks ago, but won’t turn 19 for about another year.

Lauren decided a couple weeks ago to run Cross Country. She’s been doing okay, but hadn’t spent the time training that many of the other students had. She was using it as an opportunity to be in better shape for Indoor Track when it starts. She went to Homecoming last night. She was asked by three different boys and had to turn two of them down. She has a busy school schedule and will be kept busy with her AP and Honors classes, track and social activities.

Heather had her Primary Program last Sunday. It was wonderful and the kids sang very well. She has been thinking that they would release her after the program, but it seems they are having a hard time finding anyone willing to accept the primary chorister calling. This is the busy time of year for her at work, so she’s been putting in almost 40 hours a week which won’t ease up until January.

Since the last newsletter, I’ve been to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Sydney and Auckland, Dallas, Orlando, St. Augustine and Macon, Georgia. FMC won another military contract that will really add to my work load the next few months. I have upcoming travel to Germany, England and Bangkok. Travel with end for the year at Thanksgiving. I should be home from then to the end of the year. I’ve been working on the camaro a little bit and want to do a couple programs before Christmas. I’m teaching Sunday School (12 years old) and watching a little college football.

I hope everyone else is doing well.


Scott and Heather and Family.