April 28, 2007


Dear Family,


It has been many months since we have written a family newsletter, and much has happened since our last installment.  Because we try to use this letter as part of our family history book, I will try to hit all of the highlights so that these events are recorded.


Scott has been teaching at the University of Utah spring semester, and had a record number of students (30+) in his class this year.  His class is gaining popularity so that  he may be teaching it annually, instead of bi-annually.  He has had the usual amount of traveling for work, and to the usual places.   One trip he took earlier this year was to India, which was the first time he had ever traveled there.  It was also the first time he came home from a new location and told me that he never wanted to go there again.  As he described the poverty and congestion and conditions there, he was truly grateful for the blessings we have here.   His work also required a meeting in North Carolina, which he invited me to, and therefore we invited ourselves to Chuck and Lorna’s for the weekend.  We had a wonderful time exploring areas in the Carolinas, and had a very nice visit with them for a few days.


I continue to have the same routine, day after day.  Things are a little slow at work right now, and this is the first time since we moved to our new building that I am actually caught up on all of my long term projects, which is a nice feeling.  Just when I am getting comfortable with the amount of work I have to do, one of our tenants expressed an interest to rent our entire building—so, we’re back on the building hunt and possible move again!   My extra time has been spent on weddings, showers, etc. 


Jim has his own web site and blog, which is linked from the cgwilly.com web site, so if you’re able to check it out occasionally, he keeps it pretty up to date.  But, if time does not allow exploring that, here’s what’s going on with him since last publication:  In January, he proposed atop the Eiffel Tower to Kathleen Kendall.  They will be married on May 23rd in the Salt Lake Temple.  After their honeymoon to Aruba, they will live in Holladay for a few months, and then will be relocating in Baltimore, MD, where Jim will be attending graduate school at Johns Hopkins University.  Jim and Kathie both graduate next week from the University of Utah.  Jim was one of 10 finalists of the 55 student speakers who were invited to write speeches for commencement.  They will be moving some time between the first of July and mid-august.


Tyler also has his own web site in the works, but I’m not sure if it’s up yet.  Tyler and Amy’s wedding plans are going forward  They are planning a July 21st sealing in the Newport Beach Temple, and will have a reception there that evening, and then honeymoon in Scotland and England.  We’ll have a reception in SLC on August 4th.    Tyler transferred to the University of Utah Spring Semester, and will continue his engineering studies there.  Amy is teaching at Sandy Challenger School.  They will be living just North of Cottonwood High School, and have rented a nice apartment there.  We have fun working together as choristers in Primary


Landon is studying madly for his AP tests, which take place in a couple of weeks.  He will be taking AP Chemistry, AP Physics, and AP Biology, and has also added AP Government to his list, even though he didn’t take the class—so, he just bought a study guide and is working on his own to prepare for the test.  Graduation is June 1st.  He has been accepted and received full tuition 4 year scholarships from the three schools he applied to: U of U, BYU, and Boise State.  However, the Eccles scholarship at the U of U also covers books, fees, and housing—so it is making it really hard for him to choose!  He is planning on studying Physics.  He has interviewed for a summer internship at Cephalon, and would work for the same department that Jim has been working for.  He was told he would be hired only if he chose UofU as his school.  Talk about discrimination!  Landon is highly involved in year end stuff—choir programs, competitions, track, senior banquets, etc.


Thank heavens Lauren turned 16 so she can drive herself all the places she needs to go!  I was about to have a mental breakdown over this girl!  She stays after school for track each day, and has been doing really well.  She just tied the school record at a recent tri-school meet, and again at the Davis Invitational a few days ago.  She’s really close to breaking the school record, and her coach says her name is the only name she wants to see up on the “record board.”  She has also improved greatly in the 100M and 300M hurdles, and is just a few seconds off from qualifying for state.  Lauren’s piano and voice teacher is quitting because she’s pregnant again (4th baby in 4 years).  I’m not sure if we’ll replace her or not.  Lauren’s also been to a few clogging competitions this spring.  She went to her first prom a few weeks ago, and looked darling in her prom dress.  She’s dated a little, but spends most of her social time talking on the phone or texting Mitch Mender, who lives in New Hampshire (We all think this is fine—a good, safe distance).  Mitch came out to visit her a few weeks ago, and he’s a nice boy—she met him at track camp at BYU last summer.  Scott hasn’t had to pull out the guns yet.


Other than a trip to the Tetons, we have no other summer plans due to our intense wedding schedule.  We hope everyone has a great summer!




Scott & Heather