December 15th 2006


Dear Family,

It sounds like everyone in the family is behind on the newsletter, not just us. So, while I apologize for the lateness of our newsletter, I am sure that my excuses are better than anyone else’s.

Here we go—a brief paragraph to update our personal histories would not be complete without telling you where Scott has been since our last newsletter. It goes like this: St. Louise, London, New Orleans, New Jersey, Bangkok, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Russia, Orlando, San Diego, Kentucky, Charleston, and Bangkok again. Scott traveled 400,000 miles in the air this past year. This year, Scott decided to do a woodworking project for Christmas, and has been spending hours in the shop to make some nice gifts. He often says how he would love to retire and do stuff like that all day long—he really enjoys it, and I think he’s great at it.

As for me, I’ve finished up a lot of projects at work, such as web site stuff, magazine ads, installation manual. October was a record month for Heatizon, which helped make up for a somewhat dismal start. Our Ward’s Primary Program was in September, and the kids did a really great job. Scott and I did a little traveling together this fall in between his business trips: we enjoyed a trip to Lake Powell with all the kids, went to Phoenix with Jim to tour the ASU campus, went to Las Vegas with our friends the Vanderlinden’s so the guys could go to a car exhibit and car parts show, and to Galveston where Scott was a recipient of the FMC Tony Award again this year.

Jim just finished his finals, and is a new man for a few weeks. Next semester (his last) he is taking mostly online classes, general eds, so for all intents and purposes, his coursework is done. He will graduate with about 150 hours, which is about 30 hours more than other majors require because engineering a 5 year program. Still, he finished in four years and is applying to graduate schools across the country. Jim has been dating Kathie Kendall for a year, and exclusively for the last 6 months. We are expecting an announcement sometime after the first of the year. Jim, Kathie, and Scott and I are going to London/Paris for a week in January, and we will enjoy spending time with them. She’s a great girl, and is perfect for him. .. I hope you all get to meet her soon. Jim will continue working at Cephalon until he graduates, and by then, he should know where he is headed for graduate school. He is still serving as the ward Clerk in his student ward.

Tyler just moved back home from Logan, and is transferring to the University of Utah to finish his degree there. This is mainly so he can be closer to Amy. They got engaged over Thanksgiving weekend down in California. They are planning a July wedding at this point, but have nothing definite ironed out yet. Amy teaches 1st grade at the Challenger School in Sandy. It is fun to see the two of them together—they are very happy. Tyler has been working at Conservice in Logan, as a customer service representative. He was able to speak Spanish to help people resolve utility bills. Now that he will be living home again, I have snagged him up to work at Heatizon, working to build and maintain inventory, assist with technical support, do technical drawings, etc. Rumor has it that Tyler has been called to be the assistant primary chorister in our ward.

Landon is doing homework for the first time in his life. He has a concurrent enrollment (college course) English and Humanities classes that has a demon teacher. He is also taking AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. He is enjoying Concert Choir and Madrigals, and has roped dad and I into chaperoning the choir tour again this year to San Francisco. Landon has been dating three girls from Madrigals, and has discovered that this can cause some complications. He ran Cross Country this year, and improved his time by a full minute at every meet. He is now doing indoor track. Landon has been appointed as Mayor of the Taylorsville City Youth Council, and was also just selected by the faculty and the Taylorsville Chamber of Commerce as one of four nominee’s to be Taylorsville Youth of the Year. Landon was also elected as President of the Honor Society at THS. He is serving as the Bishop’s 1st assistant.

Lauren has enjoyed high school immensely. She was asked by the Sophomore class to represent the sophomore’s at the Hello Day assembly talent show. She had to high jump in front of the whole school. Lauren continues with piano and voice lessons, and is also still taking clogging class. She added Jazz Technique classes from another studio to her week as well. Lauren’s coaches are working with her in track to get her ready to compete at the Simplot games in February, as well as another national meet in the Spring. Lauren has been talking to Mitch, a boy from New Hampshire that she met at track camp last summer, for long hours on the phone. Evidently he is 6’ 4”, and weighs 265 lbs—so it is fortunate that he lives far away, because I don’t think her three big brothers could take him on if he were here. Lauren is in drivers ed, turns 16 in February, and is currently serving as Mia Maid President. A few of Landon’s friends have been keeping their eye on the calendar watching that 16th birthday approach…..

Much love to all of you, Heather & Scott