I thought it may be good to provide an update of what is going on in my life.   Not a whole lot has changed since the family reunion, but in case I didn't get to visit with everyone and fill them in on all the details, I will give the scoop on what's going on in my life.

I continue at the U this fall, and am getting much closer to graduating.  I am going to be graduating this coming spring with my bachelors degree in biomedical engineering.  In about 3 weeks, I am going down to Arizona State University (ASU) to visit with a few prospective graduate professors, and take a tour of the bioengineering facilities and a campus tour. ASU is a school that I have been seriously considering for graduate school.   I don't think the heat will be too bad in Tempe, AZ on August 24th, do you?   

As for the dating life, things are going well currently.  But you always have to keep your fingers crossed.  Sometimes, dating relationships can change faster than BYU's football fortunes.  I'm dating a nice young lady named Kathie Kendall.  I first took her out a few days before Christmas and we have been casually dating since then.  It hasn't been until the last month or so that we've been dating exclusively.  Kathie served a mission to the Independence Missouri Liberty Jail mission, and was actually MTC companions with Amy Aston (Tyler's girlfriend).  Itís kind of funny how things work out sometimes.  We've having a lot of fun together, and are both enjoying the last few weeks before we both begin school again at the U.  This is a picture of us after her best friend's wedding reception, and one of her at the wedding reception:


In other exciting news, our family is going to have our first family picture since . . . .well . . . Since the last one!   (Which was probably 4 or 5 family reunions ago, because Landon still had a mullet, and Tyler didn't have any facial hair, so it had to have been a while ago.)  But Iím sure once it's taken (August 15th), we'll be able to put it on the family website.

Shortly after the family reunion, our family went to flaming gorge, and had a very nice time.  The weather was perfect, albeit about 30 minutes of rain.  And besides our Dutch oven meal which we underestimated the cooking time (by about 3 and a half hours), the food was fantastic as well.   These are a few pictures from the trip:

Well, in church, I'm still serving as the Ward Clerk of my student ward.  We had ward temple night the other night and had a turnout of 55!  How about that!?  I honestly think that's more than we have at sacrament meeting when it starts.  But it was a great experience, none-the-less. 

I think thatís about it for me, but you all take care!

Till next time,

Jim Gwilliam