Hello Family,


Like Jim, not a lot has changed for me since the Family Reunion.I continue working at Cephalon.I am in the Document Control Department. I really do enjoy it.I do a lot of scanning, filing, and change control.


Amy and I continue to date.Things are going really well.Amy moved to Utah at the beginning of the month (August) and will begin teaching at Challenger Private School at the end of the month.I will be going back up to school in Logan to begin my Junior Year in Aerospace engineering.I just found a little condo that I will be renting with some mission friends.


I have been attending a student ward during the summer with Jimmy.I donít currently have a calling due to the temporary nature of my stay in this student ward.So really there isnít anything new and really exciting in my life, but I am happy and I guess that is all that really counts.