Saturday, February 18, 2006


Dear Family Members,


Its two days from Laurenís fifteenth birthday.She has been relentless in her wanting to talk about, discuss and begin the process of finding, buying or stealing her a car.She is going to the Region dance tonight and had a little birthday party last night, including eight girls and three boys.She has a pretty good group of friends, but the girls outnumber the boys every time they get together.Why wasnít it ever that way when I was their age?Lauren has been keeping busy with dance company at the school, clogging on Thursday nights, taking voice and piano lessons and has just recently started practicing with the high-school track team.Since she is in 9th grade she is eligible for high-school sports and we think the high-school might have a better program than the Junior High.She has registered for EFY at Utah State this summer, is dancing in St. George in March and is going to try and register for the BYU track camp this summer.Our ward is also going to Dixie College in St. George for a ward level Youth Conference.This will include both Landon and Lauren.She has also been participating in the Academic Team at the Junior High, Third-Round team, which is the creative team.Although the overall team hasnít won too many competitions, her round has won every one of their competitions.

Landon has gone to St. George with one of his good friends for the Presidentís Day weekend.While he was gone, we found an interesting piece of paper in the office garbage can labeled ďLandonís Top Ten ListĒ which then had in Landonís hand writing, the names of ten young ladies.We called him in St. George to find out what this list was, and it was no surprise to find that it was exactly what we thought, a list of his ďbabesĒ prioritized from top to bottom.A couple weeks ago he went to the Sweethearts Dance (girlís choice) with a cute young lady that is one-grade, but two years older than him and yesterday he invited a young lady to the Junior Prom which is about three weeks away.Of course, it isnít a simple phone call any more, he filled her school locker with helium filled balloons and the invitation was inside one of the balloons.Landon has been up snow-boarding a few times at the Canyons and has been working for Heather at Heatizon a few days each week.Landon had another chance to travel to London and Paris with his cousin Lindsey and was able to see a few things that he didnít see on his last trip, including Windsor Castle, Bath, Stonehendge and the British Museum.They also did Baptisms at the London Temple.It was Lindseyís first trip.Landon is taking the SATís in April, but has been getting a lot of literature from colleges due to his excellent scores on the ACT exam earlier this year.Landon has really enjoyed his involvement in the Junior Choir this year and will probably try out for the Madrigal Choir at the end of the school year.

Tyler came home from Utah State for the Presidentís Day weekend.He needs a shave.He just bought a 2005 Subaru legacy L (slightly used), as the old Jimmy is starting to show its age with 165,000+ miles on it.Driving Sardine Canyon in the winter is something that has to be taken seriously.He has been challenged with courting a young lady (Amy) long-distance (700 miles away in California).She has been up once to visit him and he has been down to visit her once and they both have a trip planned in the near future.Heather and I went to visit Tyler in Logan last weekend and helped restock his food supplies and bought him a good meal.These poor college kids have it so rough (picture me with a tear trickling down my cheek as I struggle to see the monitor of my computer).With all the kids enjoying music, we are trying to get some songs put together with different combinations of the four kids.Tyler may spend the summer in California living with Heatherís sister, so he can spend a little more time with Amy, but thatís a long ways off and will probably change a couple more times before May rolls around.Tyler has just been called as the Activities Committee Chairman in his student ward and his first activity is a Pinewood Derby, so he and I pulled our old pinewood track out of storage, removed several hundred spider egg sacks, cob webs and other unknown objects and tested the old commodore 64 computer and black and white TV (computer monitor, for some of you, there are things such as black and white TVís and photographs).He is doing well in his classes, but still has plenty of time to socialize (something that has never been a challenge for Tyler).

Jimmy bought a new Subaru WRX (this is the sporty high-performance) a couple months ago.I think I have Grandma and Grandpa to blame for their interest in Subaru.I donít know where I went wrong, but I canít believe that my children are actually buying foreign junk heaps.By the way, the 1992 Jimmy is for sale if anyoneís interested.Jimmy is one semester away form graduating in Biomedical Engineering and is considering his options.He has three or four graduate schools that he is looking into, Case Western in Cleveland, Ohio, U.C. San Diego and the University of Utah, of course.He has done very well in school and has maintained excellent grades.I believe he will qualify for some sort of stipend or scholarship.He has also been courting a couple nice young ladies, but nothing serious, yet.Jimmy is serving as the Ward Clerk in his student ward and really enjoys that.He has organized some really fun activities for some of the young adults in his ward, including a night of ballroom dancing, and a barbeque at our home.

Heather continues to struggle with her Fibromyalgia, but doesnít say much or complain, but it does take its toll on her.She has been working very long hours at Heatizon.They had their national account manager leave, and this put a lot of his workload back on Heather.There have been a lot of good things going on at Heatizon that have also been keeping Heather busy.She found a tenant for the final suite in the building they just bought, so they have income to help make payments on the new building.Heather has a really good business sense and has really contributed to the success of Heatizon.They just passed their 10 year mark in July of this last year and have had eight out of ten years where they made a profit.She still serves as the Primary Chorister and of course the kids love all the cute and creative ways that she teaches music and involves the kids.She is going on another motherís trip this year.The ladies are going to Seattle this year.I think they are running out of new places to go.They have pretty well covered the U.S., east, west, north and south.

There is nothing new or exciting to tell about myself.Same old, same old.