16 July 2007


Dear Family,


It has been since April that we last wrote and for the record, this is Scott writing this time, so if you want to stop now, that’s okay.  I’m not nearly as good at writing as Heather, nor do I possess the memory skills she does, so I’ll forget many events that should be mentioned.


May 23rd was Jimmy and Kathie’s wedding.  Since many of you were able to join us for some or all of the events, I won’t take a lot of time to go into details.  Everything went very well.  It was such a nice day for them and for us.  They have been living in Tyler and Amy’s apartment until they leave for Baltimore which worked out perfectly with their wedding plans.  While Tyler and Amy are on their honeymoon, Jim and Kathie will move out and begin relocating to Baltimore.  That event is just a couple weeks away.


Tyler and Amy’s wedding is this coming Saturday.  We leave for California on Thursday.  We are going to spend Thursday night in Las Vegas and see Phantom of Opera.  The kids saw it a few months ago and raved about it so much, that we have been talked into seeing it there.  Jim and I will fly home Sunday night to begin the trek to Baltimore in a moving van.  I think we are going to try and schedule a stop in South Bend, where we can visit Matt and Lori.


This past Wednesday thru Saturday we traveled as a family to Jackson Lake for a last fling before Jim and Kathie move to Baltimore and Tyler and Amy get married.  Landon and Lauren each invited a friend of the opposite gender.  They both have a friend that they were comfortable inviting on a family vacation.  We enjoy their company.  You may see them in some of the photos.  I will submit a few photos from this trip that you can enjoy if you choose.  We had a great time.  The weather was fabulous.


Heather and I were able to spend a weekend in Phoenix as part of a business trip after Jim and Kathie’s wedding to relax and prepare for the next few months.


Heather has been busy helping with the Groom’s part of the wedding plans for both Jim and Tyler.  As you might guess she does an excellent job in all the plans she makes.  She is also planning a mother’s trip in August to Denver.  They ladies will be seeing all the sites and seeing the new musical, “Little Mermaid”.


Landon and Lauren went to a Stake Youth Conference in June held at a “dude ranch” in the Uintah’s.  Lauren went to EFY at Utah State this year.  Lauren and Landon both competed in Track and Field this past spring.  Landon received recognition as Academic All-State in 5A for Track and Field.  Lauren placed fourth in High Jump in 5A in spite of an injury to her foot.  Had she jumped her personal best she would have taken 2nd.  She still has two more years in high-school.  Lauren also learned to slalom ski at East Canyon this year during girl’s camp.  I’ll attach a few photos of her skiing as well.


I took some customers from Sweden to Lake Powell in June.  Because I had some employees cancel at the last minute I was able to take Landon and Clint as “deck hands”.  My work has been a little bit up in the air recently.  It appears that FMC Jetway may be for sale.  We are in that stage where management can’t talk about anything, but the rumors are quite clear that something is going on.  I should know within a month whether it has any affect on my future.


Landon scored perfect on all of his recent Advanced Placement (AP) exams which is a “5”, except for one in which he only scored a “4”.  Anything above a “3” earns college credit.  The interesting thing about that class is he didn’t even take the class.  He just studied for and took the AP exam.  Landon attended the U of U orientation today.  He is getting registered and ready to begin his college life in the field of Physics.  He is also considering a dual major, maybe in mathematics or some other scientific field.


I hope all is well with everyone else in the family.




Scott & Heather