Dear Family,
Heather informs me that it is my turn to write the family news letter so I am doing it from Boston.  Let me begin, not in any particular order, but in randomly generated order of the human thought process.
Lauren – had the privilege to join her father on a trip to London for five nights and a day-trip to Paris. Her cousin, Hailey joined her. I left two days before them having business to take care of, then they joined me where we did most of the usual touristy things in London and Paris. The high-lights for the girls were two West End Theatre shows in London, Lion King and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Thames river cruise, Greenwich, Royal Observatory, Baptisms for the Dead at the London Temple, Windsor Castle, Stonehendge and the City of Bath and in Paris, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triumphe, Champs Elysses Café for lunch, Mont Martre (Sacred Heart Church and Artist hang out), where the girls had their portraits drawn. They gained a lot experience in traveling by train, bus, taxi, etc. and appreciated the trip much more than I expected them to. We spent long days with lots of walking and little sleep, but it should be an experience they should remember for a long time. Lauren has just started the summer track program at the high-school and is going to EFY at BYU the week after school lets out. I believe that Trudy has one or two girls that will be there at the same time. Lauren has also been faithful at attending the region dances each month and seems really enjoy them. Lauren is also going to work for Heather at Heatizon two days a week this summer.
Landon – Landon and Lauren are volunteering at LDS hospital one day a week this summer. Landon and six friends just enjoyed a three day boating trip to Lake Powell the day after I got home from London. The weather was incredible, already 98 degrees, but there were no crowds and the water was just right. Landon took first from T-Ville in the State Math Contest this year, beating out the Senior who was elected their Sterling Scholar Nomination. Landon also made Junior Choir for next school year. He and Heather have also started singing the recently formed Ward Choir. Last but not least, I had business in San Diego a few weeks ago, where I picked up an old 1988 Cougar and drove it home for either Landon or Tyler to drive later this year. It was Dick Savage’s sister’s car, but she can’t drive any more, so we got a good deal on the car.
Tyler – has a scheduled release date of December 7th, 2005. Heather and I are still considering a trip to Argentina to pick him up. I think we’ll make a decision in the next couple months. He has a great companion and is having a lot of success. It is time for us to start talking about school and housing plans for him at Utah State in January.
Jimmy – got a 3.98 GPA this term with a single A- in a one hour lab class, quite an accomplishment considering his classes included Thermodynamics, Statistics, Organic Chemsitry and Lab, Dynamics and one other that I can’t remember. He is working on his Senior project this summer with a professor from his department specializing in a neuro-prosthetic research project related to signal processing between the remnant muscle tissue and the artificial arm. Jimmy is also taking two summer classes on-line. He’s been dating woman from St. George, but she has returned to Southern Utah, so dating her will be limited this summer. He’s also dating a 25 year girl, but he’s only been out with her a couple times.  He went with his best friend, Rob Poulsen, and Rob's family and a couple of cute girls to Lake Mead right after graduation, and had a great, relaxing trip.
Heather – has a new calling in the church as Primary chorister. She has also been very busy at Heatizon taking on more and more responsibilities. In fact, Heatizon has made an offer on a building of their own, where Heather and a couple of the other owners will become property owners and land-lords. She has been working more and more hours, but has some summer help from Lauren and a couple other young ladies.
Scott – has been called to the bishopric as second counselor and is adjusting to this new calling. I actually enjoy it more than I thought I would, but it has been a challenge given my travel schedule. Jetway was awarded the big London project so travel to London will continue for a while. In fact, I leave again on Memorial Day for London for three nights again. I also have an upcoming trip to Australia.
Well, enough is enough. I’m sure I’ve forgotten plenty, but this is enough to bore you all to tears.
Scott and Heather and Family