July 28, 2005


Dear Family----


††††††††† Iím exhausted.Dean and Brady went to scout camp in Scofield on Monday at 3:30 am and Katie and Brook went to girlís camp Tuesday at 6:30 am and I have worked my self to exhaustion.I have been de-junking and organizing the house.It is overdue by years.I donít it well anywayÖsomething about being the daughter of a depression baby or in other words Iím a pack rat.Iíve been gearing myself up for this for weeks, so at least I was in the right mind set because that really makes a difference in a pack rat personality.It has been nice and quiet though and that has been nice.

††††††††† Dean worked his fingers to the bones getting ready for scout camp.He has two assistants, but he didnít ask them for much help and they only went up Ĺ of this week each and Dean stayed the whole time.There were ten boys going.He was really glad he didnít have to buy food and haul it up there and then cook it once he got there.Work has been pretty steady, but it does sting a little when you take off for all star tournament and scout camp.Nobody pays us vacation time.Not to mention the week in August weíll be in San Bernardino for Bradyís all-star tournament.Dean turns 50 this Saturday (July 30th) at least heíll get to spend a part of the day with his entire family, even though he may just be mouth breathing after a week at scout camp.

††††††††† I (Trudy) dropped my second summer class.In 6 Ĺ years of school Iíve never changed or dropped a class.This teacher must be exceptionally special.We had five quizzes and one final and two other classes we couldnít miss or weíd lose points.I asked permission to take a quiz besides in class because of Bradyís all-star championship game and the teacher said absolutely not, and then Bradyís team went undefeated.So Iíd have to miss 3-4 more classes and quizzes, so I dropped it.That means Iíll take two classes this fall and then nothing next spring and this same Behavior Analysis class next summer before Iíll graduate.Besides school, Iím still in Primary and loving it.I still quilt and knit and crochet.Lifeís good, but will hopefully slow down just a hint when school starts which is on August 15th for us.YES!!!

††††††††† Kyle, Sheree, Konner and Taylor Marie are doing good.Kyle works and Sheree babysits her sisterís kids, but would like to stop babysitting.Four kids from age 1- 5 is just about driving her crazy.Konner turns 5 this December, so he has one more year before school.

††††††††† Drew and Jennie live about a two minute walk from our house in the Barbenís basement.They are going to the college married ward if they ever stay home on a weekend.If you want to see their wedding pictures go to www.mardelphotography.com and the passwork is jennieanddrew.They think that Katie took just as good or better pictures than this guy did.Drew works and Jennie is looking for a job.

††††††††† Katie is at girlís camp.Her fourth year.She went on the 4th year hike a couple of weeks ago.She is trying out for soccer on Monday 6am.They have tryouts for three days, and if she makes the team she wonít be going to California with us.Sheíll be staying and practicing and have some pre-season games while we are in California.The girls had a ball at EFY and Iím pretty sure it will be an annual event from here on out. Katie starts at the high school this year and that is scary.Okay scary for me because Iím getting old.If Dean is 50, that means Iím almost 49.

††††††††† Brook is lucky enough to go to California with us.Brady has to stay in barracks with the whole team and the coaches, so she might be with Dean and me alone.Iím sure sheíll love that.Itís good there are lots of other kids.Their piano teacher quit at the end of last school and we havenít found another teacher yet.I havenít really looked too hard, but I donít want them to quit piano.Brook is going to play percussion again this year.She is going to be the BMOC (big man on campus) because sheíll be a 9th grader, okay she personally isnít big, but she will be in the oldest grade.Hard to believe my little 80 pounds Brookie girl is going to be in 9th grade.

††††††††† Brady had a great ball season.He of course, made the all-star team for the 3rd year in a row.9 out of the 12 players made it all three years.There are four from our ward; I call them the valley boys.It should be interesting at this tournament.Rumor has it that the other teams are typically pretty amazing, so we hope to at least win one game out of the four we play.Tyalorsville has gone the last 12 years and never won a game, but they had to cheat to get there, so I can see how they wouldnít win.Sorry Taylorsville family that isnít a slam to you, just the little league program in Taylorsville, but you probably already know that.Anyway, Brady will finish baseball and then start football and then basketball and then back to club baseball.Out of the five age groups that went to all stars from Santa Clara, all five of them took state and this is the first time that any of Santa Claraís teams have gone on to the next level.Really the 12 year old team is the coolest because it is really the only team that they televise for little league world series.Iím pretty sure we wonít be playing in that game.

††††††††† Hope all is well with the rest of the family. Iím going to be sending an e-mail out about our family reunion next year.Check your e-mails because Iíll need some feedback.

††††††††† Have a great day.


Love, Trudy