May 6, 2005


Dear Family----


††††††††† I thought Iíd jump the gun by a few days and give Chuck a chance to get this posted before the last minute.Today is Friday before Motherís day.Happy Motherís Day to all of you mothers out there.Yes, even though itís Motherís Day, I still have to do a lengthy sharing time and prepare the cute little handout the primary children will be doing for their mothers.Thatís okay, because I really donít mind sharing time, and I did volunteer to do the sharing time.We will get to talk to Erin Sunday, which should be fun.

††††††††† Dean is scout master and enjoys it.It is nice having your own boy in the troop.Heís working on his tennis game whenever possible because come October he is eligible for the Senior Games.That means that Chuck is also eligible.Dean is just working hard and helping coach Bradyís baseball team.

††††††††† I (Trudy) am on my summer break from school.It lasted all of ten days.Yippee skippee.I havenít had to take any summer classes until now, so I shouldnít complain, but will anyway.One class is only offered in the summer and the other class is in my minor and I love this teacher and want to take it from him.BUTÖthe good news is that by the end of 2005, I will be finished with school.Iíll have an apprenticeship class this fall and Iíll take 4 credit hours of PE of some sort of Dixie and Iíll be finished.I actually lived through my third statistics class.Things are looking up.Iím still Primary President and it is always good.You canít beat the kids and their music.

Kyle, Sheree, Konner and Taylor are all doing really well.They went through the temple a couple of months ago and are doing wonderful.Kyle is still working for the same company as their in-house computer geek.Sheree watches her sisterís kids while she works, so she has her hands full all day long.She works for the school, so Iím guessing sheíll be off for the summer.Konner has one more year before he can start kindergarten.Taylor Marie actually kinda likes Dean and me, sometimes.

††††††††† Drew is getting married June 25th to Jennie Hall.Many of you have had the privilege of meeting her.Sheís a return missionary and just turned 24.They are getting married in the St. George temple.Drew just finished his first semester at Salt Lake Community College and works for America First Credit Union.

††††††††† Katie made the freshman softball team and they were undefeated.They ten-runned every single team.She had a really good time and became a much better ballplayer.She started into softball much older than all the other girls, so she is doing really well.She will be in high school next year and once again be on the yearbook staff.She is less than a year way from driving and holy smoke Iím getting old.She loves school but will be glad to have the summer off.Katie is going on a piano trek for youth conference the first of June and is excited.

††††††††† Brook is going to be the BMOC (big man on campus) next year, okay, little and a girl, but the oldest.All three kids are still in piano, but their teacher is quitting and we need to find a new one.They have a recital this end of this month.Brook and Katie are going to EFY this summer.They are going on June 5-11.Iíll be squeezing in the drive up and back between school classes.It is once again going to be an absolutely jam-packed summer.Brook has a recital for band this coming week also.Someday she may just grow into those big bells and drums.Maybe not.

††††††††† Brady is getting bigger all the time.He passed up Brook a year or two ago.He is getting tall, and is definitely bigger than most of his friends.Heís the pitch or shortstop in his baseball team and is their best hitter.Heís not playing soccer anymore.He made a choice and chose baseball.Thatís probably just as well because the soccer really irritated his tendonitis, although, he is very good at both sports.Brady has loved his year at Lava Ridge with 7 periods a day.Brady is working hard on merit badges in scouts and loves scouting.

††††††††† Alix is graduating from high school this year.She has applied for scholarships at Weber, but I donít think she knows the results yet.She was down here for spring break so we saw her for a lunch, but otherwise she played with her friends.She wants to be a dental hygienist.

††††††††† Erin is good; we get to talk to her on Motherís Day.I forward her e-mails, so you get the chance to read how she is doing.She will serve until the first part of January.

††††††††† I guess Iíll close for now.I might try to attach some pictures to the e-mail to Chuck, but I still have dial-up, so it takes so long and I get too impatient.If there arenít any pictures, it is because I am too impatient.


Love,†† The Santa Clara Berryessaís