October 1, 2007

Dear Family----

Chuck asked that I write this family letter today. Iím squeezing it in just before I go to the soccer field to take pictures of Katieís team for the 2007 Soccer Season. Itís her senior year and they have absolutely no chance of even going on to region, so their last game is tomorrow against Dixie.

Dean is the high priest secretary and troop committee chairman and enjoys both of them. Heís been busy with work with the just the right amount. He is probably heading up to Provo Wednesday to do a job for a designer in Provo. Its good money or he wouldnít be heading up there.

Trudy (me) is just quilting and doing children stuff, like SEPís, soccer games, parades, laundry, cleaning (very little), chasing kids around, wellÖyou know the mother routine. Iím still doing Webelos and team teaching the 11 year old primary children. We just had our program Sunday. We are possibly coming up north over UEA for a baseball tournament, but it hasnít been finalized.

Katie is busy, but after this week things should become sane again. She had homecoming week and dance to prepare, soccer practices and two games a week, yearbook, and then of course work. Their season is over tomorrow, so she will have from 3-6 available everyday, which is really nice for all of us. She is re-taking the ACT the end of October, and hopes to improve a couple of points. She wants to go to BYU. If she gets a couple points higher, she should get a good scholarship.

Brook is the least busy. She just has to march in all the parade in southern Utah until Christmas. The bands were scheduled to march, but didnít in the Swiss Days Parade in Santa Clara because it was pouring. She loves band and because of band (the band received money for us keeping them) we had two exchange students from Japan stay with us for 11 days. They were very quiet and it was interesting. Brady was very good with them and did his best to interpret anything we needed. Iíll attach pictures of them. Their names were Kyohei (key- o- hay) and Hayato (high-yacht-o).

Brady is playing football as a freshman. He goes to school at 7am two days a week for weight lifting and then practices until 5:30 four days a week. He is starting up his baseball tournament team and hopefully will play up north over UEA. I love baseball and pretty much donít care for football. His little league team didnít win the state tournament and didnít go on to Oregon.

As far as the other children, weíll have to catch up next time, so I can send this off to Chuck before the day is over.

Hope all is well with you and that this season of the year is slowing down just a bit. I thought it would, but not at our house yet.

Love, The Berryessa Family