October 24, 2005


Dear Family---


††††††† I truly donít know how October slipped away from me.I think they someone stole a few of the days this year.We have had beautiful weather in St. George this fall.We did get some rain, which we are always grateful for in the right increments, but have enjoyed beautiful weather.

††††††† Dean was finally eligible to play in the Senior Games this year and was too busy to even practice tennis, let alone play in the games.Heís been working on his usual stuff, plus doing a new elementary school and helping with a hotel.Bradyís baseball tournament team has started up, so heíll be helping with the team.

††††††† Trudy (me) is still plugging away at school.I am taking four classes this semester.I know that sounds like a full schedule, but it isnít.Iím only taking 6 Ĺ credits.I dropped my class last summer, so Iíll be off school for spring semester and then have to pick up two classes in the summer and then will finally graduate.Yes!!!Although, Iím a bit nervous about how Iíll live without school as part of my life.We did a primary program the first of this month, and I was in charge, so that is good to be done with again.Our bishop is Hawaiian and Iím afraid weíll be in primary until he gets released, so it could be years. Itís good I like primary.

††††††† Kyle, Sheree, Konner, and Taylor Marie are all doing well.Kyle still works as a computer whiz and Sheree babysits her niece and nephew.Konner is in pre-school on Monday and Wednesday at the college and loves it.Taylor Marie is a complete know-it-all and copies everything Konner does and is as smart as a whip.

††††††† Drew and Jennie are up north now.They lived down in Santa Clara for two months and then moved to the Avenues in Salt Lake.Drew is going to SLCC and working part time as a runner for a mortgage company.Jennie just got a job and starts this Friday for Farmington City in her field of psychology.I think she is a liaison between families and the court.

††††††† Katie is done with soccer.They went to region, but lost their second game in Logan and are out.She had a riot with the soccer team because the girls were so fun.They would go to lunch together and just had fun.They were all really good girls.She is at the big high school this year and likes it a lot better than middle school.Katie and Brook have to go in for an orthodontist appointment because we know they need braces.Katie is also in yearbook this year, but it isnít as fun as last year.The student supervisors are unorganized and bossy and mean, so she doesnít think sheíll take it next year.

††††††† Brook is in the marching band again this year in the percussion section.She marches in all the parades this year though.Last year she didnít march in all of them because she needed the smallest drum and there was a 9th grader that needed it too, so they had to share in marching in different parades.She is the big 9th grader this year and the smallest, so she gets it all the time.They march in about 6 parades from September until December.These kids piano teacher quit, so we need to find them a new one and Iíve been putting it off until soccer was over, so now I have to get going.

††††††† Brady is playing football and just started his baseball tournament team and they play this weekend.Heíll start basketball in the first of November.He is a great student and is in the 6th/7th center for the last year.I donít like him playing football because I think it is dumb besides some of the kids are getting hurt.Unfortunately, he likes football.What is a mother to do?I like his baseball team a lot, it is fun to watch.

††††††† Erin is doing great on her mission.She gets home on December 23rd so that is probably a good thing for school and such.I canít believe that a year and a half have come and gone.Iím sure sheíll start school in January.I think she has about a year left in school.

††††††† Alix is going to Weber State and wants to go into dental hygienist school.She just started school this fall.

††††††† Well Iíll close and get this off to Chuck.Thanks Chuck for doing all you do for the website and our family letters.Hopefully weíll see some of you in a couple of weeks at the Manti temple.


Love, tb