December 13, 2007

Dear Family---

I swear these family letters are coming around much faster than they used to. Has time really sped up? Iím guessing everybodyís life is pretty much the same way.

Itís almost Christmas and we are excited to once again go up north for the Gwilliam Christmas party. It will be good to see everyone.

Dean is swamped with work. He went to Denver a month ago and is doing a new kind of padded walls for home theatres. He starts his first job next week. He has practiced on a few walls of ours downstairs, although, he wishes he had a little bit more experience under his belt. I guess the only way to get experience is to do it, and that will be next week. These are jobs that are in our home show over Presidentís Day weekend. I know it seems a long ways away, but they have to be finished for judging by the end of January. At least a few jobs are ready right now; usually the wallpaper guy is doing it the night before judging because they donít plan ahead.

The kids are all busy with school and such. Katie has decided to put two years in at Dixie because she has a full 4-year scholarship and BYU is only Ĺ tuition for 2-years. Sheíll then go to the Y after her associates. Thatís okay with us. Iíd like to see her knock out generals at Dixie, and they will pay for it.

Brook is still working on her driving hours for her license. She doesnít appear to be in any rush. I guess there isnít much rush when friends and a sibling drive already. Brady on the other hand plans to get his learnerís permit the day after his birthday, which is the coming February. Maybe they can get their licenses together. Iím thinking one trip to the DMV is sufficient. The day we went with Brook was grueling as expected.

Iím (Trudy) just doing mother and wife things and then squeezing in as much quilting as I can. This year has actually been a very productive quilting year for me. Life is always better when you get a lot of quilting done. Iím still Webelos leader and would love to graduate. A year plus at Webelos is definitely a lengthy enough sentence. Iím still team teaching in Primary and of course, I love that. Iím anxious to get a new batch of kids come this January. Many of them are my scouts.

Well, Iím guessing Iíll send this off to Chuck. Thanks Chuck for always heading up the family letter. I have complete empathy for your asking for letters because once a year I ask for those stories and I feel like Iím bugging everybody to death.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Some of you weíll see in a week or so.

Love, The Santa Clara Berryessa Family