July 28, 2006


Dear Family---


††††††††††† I guess itís my turn.I have been so swamped with school; I didnít even realize it was my turn, so thanks for reminding me Chuck.

††††††††††† A big thanks to everybodyís efforts in making it to the reunion.Our family had a really good time and enjoyed everybodyís company.It was really good to just enjoy the extended family in that beautiful mountain setting.Thanks.

††††††††††† Things are still going strong at our house and havenít slowed down a bit.I came home from the reunion that afternoon and had laundry until I had my night class and havenít slowed down yet.Today is my last ceramics class, so that will ease up on my days by about 3 hours a day, but I have school through the end of August and then I am officially a college graduate.That would be the seven-year program.

††††††††††† Katie and Brook are at girlís camp this week.Katie has soccer try-outs on Monday morning and if she makes it will be practicing the entire next week until the 11th, when they go up north for pre-season games.

††††††††††† The kids start back to school on August 14th, which is just over two weeks from now.It has been a crazy summer.I canít think of a summer that has flown by faster than this year.I guess time is just speeding up.

††††††††††† Alix came down yesterday to visit for four or five days.We stayed up way too late last night talking and laughing.She drove down in her car that the AC isnít working.She said it was hotter to have the windows up until she was really sweaty, then it felt good to open the windows for a few minutes to evaporate the sweat.

††††††††††† Well, this is short because I need to study for a ceramics test and start laundry.Sorry, Iím sure you donít want to all hear about the busy details because you all have them yourselves.

††††††††††† Have a great day.


Love, The Santa Clara Berryessaís