Hello Family,


It’s been a whoop’n couple of months at the Baum House.  Good to see summer come and good to see it go.


Bradley started Pre-School.  He thinks it rocks!  He gets so excited when he gets home.  He shows everybody everything he’s done and is really happy to be like his big brother and sisters and be going to school.  He glued miniature marshmallows to a paper in the shape of a “B” and that was the coolest thing ever.


Sarah is working hard in the 2nd grade.  She has lots of homework.  She is doing really well at reading.  Sarah is playing soccer too.  Her first game was this last Saturday.  I took her to find her field and we couldn’t see any other silver jerseys.  We ran all over.  I was stressed and Sarah was stressed.  Finally after being a few minutes late we found her team. Thank goodness.  Sarah’s team played well.


Nathan also had his first game of the season this last Saturday, but his mom took him and of course walked right to their field.  No stress.  Nathan played fullback and some midfield.  He loved playing midfield.  Nathan is in 4th grade and keeps an eye out for his little sister Sarah at school.  He grew green beans in our small garden and they grew really well.  We ate some.  They were a little tuff.  I don’t think we boiled them enough.


Nicole grew zucchini in the garden.  We had problems with snails early on in the garden and they didn’t get a very good start, but once we figured out the bug problem they did really well.  Nicole is taking voice lessons and really enjoys it.  In her spare time she watches TV.  She’s been practicing a little basketball anticipating the upcoming Jr. Jazz season and has been a good helper around the house.


Ali is still taking Viola.  She was recruited by a girl in our ward to join the marching band at West Jordan High School.  Ali loves it.  She’s in the pit and plays the synthesizer and xylophone.  She doesn’t even have to march…Ali tried out for the Jordan Youth Orchestra or Symphony and made it.  She was really excited.  They begin rehearsals soon.  Ali’s schedule is packed, and she does a good job of keeping up with everything.

Ali grew corn in the garden.  We had the first dinner of baum corn last night.  It was great.


This summer the family went on a hike to Twin Lake just above Brighton ski resort up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  We did leave Bradley with Grandma Mary.  Everyone made it to the lake.  We had a good time.  We also spent a night at Rhea’s and Larry’s house in the tent.  The whole crew was there for that one.  We also did 2 nights at Albion Basin above Alta up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  That was a great trip.  We all piled into our tent and slept on the hard ground on a good little slope.


Jennie has volunteered in PTA to do Red Ribbon Week for the elementary school.  She also has a very busy schedule.  2 carpools, cubs, PTA and all the other stuff.  She will be picking up a couple piano students in the next week or so too.  Jennie ran in 2 more 5k races since the last news letter.  That makes 4 this summer I think.  She’s an animal.  And she picked up how to Swedish Weave from a friend in the ward and spends a lot of time in the evening doing that.  Thank goodness for Jennie.  She truly holds this whole place together.


I was in New Orleans the Saturday before Katrina hit.  My Delta flight was cancelled and I had to scamper to find a rental car and drive 6 hours to Birmingham Alabama for a Southwest flight  home.   I’m just glad I got out when I did.


Everyone have a great day!


Ross & the Baum Family