December 7, 2007

Hello All,

Big snow day today in the Salt Lake Valley! Today we finally broke out the Christmas Tree. A good day to do it I guess.

Bradley has been working hard in first grade. He is learning to read and doing a great job. He was a Lego for Halloween. Kind of a tough costume for a six year old. He was running so fast at the beginning of Halloween night that he did a nose dive into some rocks because he couldnít see immediately in front of him. Fortunately he wasnít hurt. It only smashed some of the bumps on his Lego costume. He got right back up and went all the way around the block. Good job Bradley.

Sarah gets smarter every day. Her teacher gives her quite a bit of homework, but she seems to keep up. With a little help from Mom, Sarah is really doing well. Sarah was a Lego for Halloween like Bradley. Sarah was green, Bradley was Blue. She is really good friends with Kero. I think she spends more time with Kero than the other kids do.

Nathan was not a Lego for Halloween. He taped up some cheap glasses and was a nerd. Thatís about as hard as I would work on my own costume. Nathan has been kicking and kicking the football. Before the snow fell we were out in the back yard almost every day throwing and kicking the football. Kero tore a few holes in our football, but thatís what duct tape is for. Nathanís teacher at school has let him work ahead in his math book, so Nathan is now done with the sixth grade math book for the year. And he has a new found passion for chess.

Nicole finished marching band last month. (YEA!) Now she has more time to do her homework and other things. She was very dedicated. The band won many awards over the marching season. They even had a successful trip to Las Vegas in November where they placed first in their division and beat their rivals in Ogden. Nicole plays the piano all the time. She hangs out with her friends and spends time on instant messenger. Nicole and I did a wood bending experiment for her science project. I hope she gets a good grade.

Ali went on her first date. Travis took her to Homecoming. She had a lot of fun. Iím certain that Travis was more nervous than anyone. Ali was in the marching band with Nicole. She played the Tenor Sax. Sheís enjoying the little extra free time now. Ali is always the first one up at our house. She rides the bus to school and has to be at the bus stop very early. I guess thatís a good thing for me because it gets me up to so I can run her to the bus stop. Ali is working on getting enough hours so that she can get her drivers license. (I canít wait)

Today Jennie made her fabulous sweet rolls. Everyone is licking their fingers around here. It takes a long time but theyíre so good. Jen is doing really well at work. The Middle school had a really rough start this year, and I know it was stressful, but everyone worked through it and now theyíre back on track. Jennie has been working hard on Christmas gifts for the family. Theyíre really nice. Sheís done a great job. Jennie and I ended up hiking Mt. Timanogos with a friend in our ward and my sister Julie. It was a lot of fun. Jennie was up and down the mountain like a mountain goat.

My side job is now my full time job. My boss laid me and others off in late November and is closing the company down. Kind of a mixed blessing. Now I am working Carson Marketing Group full time. Itís not even two weeks yet but it feels like forever. Nathan, Bradley, Sarah and I spent some time in the back yard rolling snowballs. It was a good time. Some pictures are attached.

Well, a very merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy the Holidays.


The Baumshelter