February 10, 2008


Hello Family.


Snow, snow, snow…  What a winter! The last 2 days hit 40+. Snow is melting everywhere. It’s kind of nice.


Bradley is really into winter. We pour water into this plastic sand box thing and let it sit over night so that it will be frozen the next day. Then Bradley goes out with a big rubber mallet the next day and breaks up all the ice. He just loves it. Between our house and our neighbors the Ashbys, there is getting to be quite the pile of snow. Bradley makes a day of it with the sled. He and Sarah are out there for hours at a time.  Bradley is also learning how to play chess. He can kill 4 of my players in one move. The goal is not to take the king, but to take the whole board. That’s how you win.


Sarah is working hard to maintain her social schedule. Playing with friends here and sleeping over there. It’s hard to keep up with it. Sarah just completed a big project for school. She wrote a book report in the form of a News Paper. She was very creative.  Sarah’s new passion is reading any book written by Roald Dahl.  He’s the author of books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Etc.  It’s great to see her with her nose stuck in a book!  I think that Sarah is turning over a new leaf in keeping her room clean. Saturday morning is the cleaning day and lately she hasn’t had very much to do to get her room clean. It’s good that she’s putting a little pressure on her brothers…


Nathan stayed after school one day last week to play chess with his teacher. I heard the game went forever. They each won one game. Nathan is very competitive when it comes to . . .  just about everything.  Now that there is so much snow Nathan doesn’t kick the ball as much, which is driving him crazy!  He has been protesting the snow all winter long.  Nathan is the Green Bay Packers #1 fan – it was a rough day at the Baum Shelter when the Packers lost to the Giants.  Better luck next year.  Nathan played basketball with the 6th grade team that played against the teachers. Because of the number of kids on the team and rotating them all in and out he didn’t get very much action. Just bragging rights.


Nicole is working hard in school. I think she enjoys being a 9th grader and one of the older kids in the school. I hope going to high school won’t be too much of a shocker for her next year. Nothing like dropping to the bottom of the pile again. Nicole’s current hobbies are – curling her hair, straightening her hair, putting on make up, doing her nails, then starting all over again. She is definitely my ‘girly’ girl when it comes to stuff like that.  We’re now on the countdown for Nicole’s 15th birthday – we’re reminded daily J.  Nicole is singing in church for Mothers Day and she was also recently called as the Secretary in the MiaMaids. She will have fun with that calling.


Ali has finally passed all of her requirements to drive. We just have to go get the license. Everyday when she gets home from school there always seems to be some errand that she and Nicole need to run. It’s pretty cool to be able to send her off on kid errands, etc. It’s also a little freaky knowing your daughter is now allowed to drive a motorized vehicle.  She’s actually a very competent driver – hopefully Nicole will learn from her example.  Ali recently got her braces off!! Nothing like getting the old braces off after 27 LONG months – her teeth look great!  Ali is currently serving on a stake youth committee to plan the next region dance – which will be hosted at our Stake Center.  By fulfilling this commitment she will be done with her last YW project and be able to receive her YW Recognition.  Way to go Ali!


Jennie has been working very hard at the Middle School with all the projects they have going on. She has 3 or 4 weeks of the year where she works into the evening. She does a great job and is pretty tired when she gets home. And she holds everything together here at home. We’re lost without her. Jennie was recently called to be the pianist in the Primary. It fits her . . . like a glove J.


I love winter but am looking forward to spring. Nathan and I are going to do some camping and Jennie and I have some peaks to climb. I am still self employed and keep working every day. We have been very blessed the last 2 months. Good clients and hopefully more on the way. 


Hope everyone is doing well!  Take care.




The Baum Shelter