May 25, 2007



Dear Family,


Hard to believe five months has passed since we wrote our last newsletter.  I’ve decided that life is insane during the final weeks of the school year.  Of course I think I say that same thing for the beginning of the school year, and the middle, and then of course there’s the chaos of summer.  I’m sure you get the picture! It’s been fun this week being able to participate in the festivities of Jim & Kathie’s wedding.  They are an adorable couple – and they have an amazingly bright future ahead of them.  The fun never ends . . . does it!


Well, it would probably be easiest if I just caught you up on the recent happenings at the Baum Shelter:


Bradley:  is nearing the end of his first year in school.  His teacher has told us that he has been an absolute delight in the classroom.  Bradley is always good for a smile – he really can brighten your day.  Bradley’s project today has involved 2 - 3 cardboard boxes, a bunch of paper bowls, pennies and Elmer’s glue.  Not quite sure what the end result will be, but I’m sure he’ll enjoy making it, no matter how it turns out J.  Bradley still has lots of play dates with his friend Elizabeth.  They get together at least a couple times a week.  Hopefully we can include some pictures with this newsletter. One more week of soccer and the season will be over.  We have Bradley signed up to play on the same team for next year – his coach is a REALLY good sport!


Sarah: rocks my world.  Today at school Sarah was awarded ‘Principal’s Pride’ for being an ‘Outstanding student. Great memory, working skills, creative and funny.’  She proved that when the Principal asked what her favorite part of school was and she replied ‘sleeping’’.  Oh good.  I attribute her humor to the Gwilliam side of the family – or course, she may have been serious.  Sarah has had an awesome soccer season.  She’s an amazing defender and has become very aggressive this year.  School has gone well this year.  For the most part Sarah is a very responsible young lady.  As long was we maintain Sarah’s social life – she’s a happy camper!


Nate:  is growing like a weed!  It won’t be long before he passes me up in height.  Nate turned ‘11’ this month and moved out of cubs into scouts.  Ross gets to help chaperone on their overnight camp this summer.  I’m not sure who’s more excited – Nate or Ross J.  Last night Nate got to go with Ross, Ali & Nicole to the midnight showing of ‘Pirates’ – he thought he was pretty cool.  The funny thing is he bounced back this morning a lot quicker than the other three.  Nate has been busy with soccer, computer games, and hanging with friends.  It’s tough being 11!


Nicole: is always on the go.  She played basketball with a rec. team this winter and did really well.  I would have to say that her two favorite things are basketball and singing.  We just went to the school’s year end choir concert this week and it was awesome.  Nicole’s hoping to make it into the Ambassador’s group next year – which is comparable to ‘the Madrigals’ but on the Middle School level.  We were able to go to Nicole’s induction into the National Junior Honor Society – it was pretty cool.  Nicole’s summer will be packed between taking summer gym, Girl’s camps, EFY and the list goes on.  I hope to keep up with her schedule!


Ali: got her learner’s permit about a month ago.  Wow!  When did she grow up?  She’s been out on the road a few times and has done a great job.  Ali gets to take Driver’s Education this summer since she has a September birthday. We’ve been to three different Orchestra concerts to hear Ali.  She’s in the school orchestra, but then she also participated on two orchestras with the district.  Ali will also be busy this summer with camps and Driver’s Ed, but the real fun will begin in August when she starts Marching Band again.  I’ll tell you, that is one massive time commitment.  She loves it – which is great!  Plus I think it will be even more fun because she will finally be at the High School – it’s got to help with knowing what’s going on.


Jennie:  Hum . . . I have been really busy at work, putting in lots of extra hours.  I’ve really enjoyed my job - it has been good for the most part.  Then there are days like today where we end up calling the paramedics and there is A LOT of stress over the life of a kid.  Whew, today was brutal, but luckily everything turned out ok.  A couple months ago I was called as a sunbeam teacher and I have loved it!  They keep me on my toes and bring a smile to my face.  My favorite was when one little boy kept on shoving his ENTIRE tie into his mouth, so I asked him to stop doing that.  Then the next thing you know I see him lift his foot to his mouth and lick the sole of his shoe.  I was 1) amazed at his flexibility and 2) totally grossed out.  Yep,  Sunbeams, that’s where its at!


Ross: April was a record setting month Carson Marketing Group.  It’s amazing all the clients he has picked up just by word of mouth.  He has a really good reputation in his field, especially in the EMS industry.  Eventually Ross may go out entirely on his own, but for now he’ll keep the 9 – 5 job as long as he can.  That company isn’t doing too terrific.  Nothing would surprise him, so we’re grateful he has Carson on the side.  Ross continues being the Cub master in our ward and probably will be forever.  He also enjoys playing basketball with the guys every Wednesday night.  Ross is hoping to spend a lot of time working in the yard this summer – he’s really acquiring a green thumb!


Well the Baum Shelter is doing well and we are looking forward to an action packed, fun-filled summer.  Hope yours is the same!


Love,  Da Baum J