September 3, 2006


Dear Gwilliam Family,


What a summer!  I can’t wait for that colder weather to roll around the corner. We ran up the canyon last week and roasted some marsh mallows to say goodbye to summer and hello to the new school year.


Bradley starts Kindergarten this year.  He’s so excited! He is so full of energy lately.  He runs around this house like a gazelle. His first ever soccer game was Saturday. Jennie was there to see it.  Apparently there is one kid on Bradley’s team that kind of dominates the game.  I’m sure Bradley will do just great once he has a chance to see the ball. He was boasting that he could “dribble” with his feet right after his first practice. Bradley has been our little ball of fire. Bradley grew corn in the garden this year and it was great!  We had it for several meals and gave some away.  Good job Bradley!


Sarah is rip’n right into 3rd grade. She’s gett’n to be an old pro at this stuff. The first week went off without a hitch and hopefully the rest of the year will as well.  Sarah also had her first soccer game of the season yesterday.  I got the chance to ref.  I guess those 8 and 9 year olds are getting faster now days. (or I’m getting oder) Sarah keeps up and is very patient. She is great at setting up other players to score, she plays mid fielder. Sarah loves activity days and is constantly spending her spare time with her friend Ashley. Sarah grew watermelons in the garden this year and there are 3 of them that made it.  They’re not as big as the ones you buy in the store, but it’s the effort that counts…


Nathan is in 5th grade this year and growing like a weed.  I took him to get some clothes this last week and I couldn’t believe how big he’s getting.  Nathan is also playing soccer, but was not able to make the first game because of a little illness.  But he’ll be back in the saddle soon. For those of you who send e-mails all the time please add to your list.  Nathan loves e-mail but doesn’t get many. I think Nathan will do well in school.  The teacher has him planted by a bunch of girls. That will keep him sharp. No slack’n in class anymore.


Nicole is taking life at her own pace. If it’s not going to explode then why hurry. Nicole is a counselor in the Beehive Class.  She enjoys that calling.  She makes good use of her time by hanging out with friends, sitting up in the tree and watching TV as late as possible. Nicole can usually negotiate her way through things.  If I do this will you do that? OK then, how about if I do this then will you do that? And after a while we work something out. Nicole has some great teachers at school this year. She is in the concert choir this year and she is really excited about that. I’m sure she’ll be making plenty of noise in that class.


Ali is playing in the high school marching band again this year. Even though she’s not in high school. She is in the pit, or part of the percussion that plays off to the side of the field. She loves it and attends all the practices and events. Ali has 3 or 4 honors classes this year and a full schedule on top of that. She was called a couple months ago as the President of the Miamaids. I think she fits the role well. Ali Turns 15 this next week. I’m not at all ready for that. She will make a good driver when 16 rolls around. Ali gets around socially, and hangs in the tree with Nicole and their circle of friends.  Now if they would just quit climbing on the shed.


Jennie is one in a million. If you have not heard, Jennie got a job.  She works at West Jordan Middle School where Ali & Nicole attend.  She is the aid in the counselors office and she loves it!  It’s part time and it fits our schedule perfectly. Of course the busiest time of the year is right at the beginning but she has caught on very quickly. I can’t wait for her to get home so I can have a warm snack waiting by the fire in her favorite chair with the daily paper. We’re having fun with a little roll reversal at out house.  I couldn’t be prouder of Jennie and her recovery.  She is doing so well I just can’t tell you.  Some days are good, some days are bad, but the commitment level never goes away.


I have been working, working, working…  Just finished up a web site for a friend in our ward and have 3 others I am currently working on.  So the side business is going really well right now. There’s always a job after the one you finished, it’s just that sometimes you just have to go out and find it.