Hi Family,

Thanks for the reminder Chuck.  I it has been busy and I don't always get the computer. We are all doing well here and everyone is going different places.

Kasey has started first grade and is loving it.  I gets to ride the bus home from school every day and he gets lunch at school.  He likes buying lunch.  He says it is cool to have the give you lunch.  I doesn't understand that mom pays for it.  It has been an adjustment with no one home to play with.  He has already stayed in from recess.  He didn't have his work sheet done in time.  He had been talking. 

Kody had been playing rocket football for the past month.  He loves it.  He has worked hard and is on the start line.  He plays defensive and offensive  tackle.  He is great and not afraid to take on the big guys on the line.  so far his team is 1-1.   Two weeks ago his team went to Norte Dame.  They were able to run on the field and go into the locker room.  Kody has a picture by Brady Quinn's locker.  Kody started middle school this year and is having a good time.  He and Cindy see each other in the hallway but don't say anything to each other. 

Cindy is doing cross country this year.   It was a hard first week with all the running and the side aches.  She is really good.  She had her first meet yesterday and came in 25 out of  65 girls.  She has found her thing and it doesn't cost me anything.  I love cross country.  She has a group of friends from school and church that she runs with.  She is going to try a 5K with her friend next month.

Chelsea is never home.  She has been working as a student athletic trainer since the first of august.  She has a book of how to wrap ankle and feet and other first aid things.  She stays after school and attends all the football practices.  So she is gone on Saturdays as well.  She also attends all the JV and Varsity football games, home and away.  At the games she is the water girl with the first aid pack.  She has used this for a YW project.  So far she has over 130 hours. 

Kevin is my main babysitter right now and he is looking for a job.  It was the deal we made for not staying with football.  He really wants one because he  is not into babysitting Kasey.  Kevin is taking Japanese this year.  The teacher has an interesting way of teaching.  It reminds me of the MTC.  She speaks nothing but Japanese to the class.

Charly has start school.  She is attending IU here at the South Bend campus.  She is liking it.  She has a part time job in the book store and is going to work for her dad.  She finally understands the money thing.  She can make more working for her dad.  She has been busy with the young singles in the area.  She has not had this kind of a life since we left Ohio.  She also has two church callings.  She is the ward single rep and a nurse worker.  She also gave her first adult talk in Sacrament meeting last month. 

Matt has a new calling.  Ward membership clerk.  He is in heaven and the Bishop thinks he is wonderful.  Work is work.  It has it's moments.  I have started working at the High school.  I am a cashier during lunch.  It is fun and I am home before Kasey gets here.

That is all that is new for us.  We had a great time at the reunion.  The kids are still talking about it.  Take care.


The Granger Gwilliam's